Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leap Year, The Time Traveller's Wife,The Back-up Plan & The Bounty Hunter

I've seen these movies when I was in the mood for sappy, silly and romantic movies.  Yes, these movies of course starred by every starlets in Hollywood you could ever find.  My takes? In the most 'i love the movie' orders:

1. Leap Year

A story of a successful American woman, Anna, who has everything that a woman could have ever wanted. A fantastic career, a successful surgeon boyfriend (if not for the fact that he flashes the picture of every surgery procedures that he has or had carried out to you, in his blackberry everytime it beeps and you have to tell him "honey, not here", I might find him attractive enough) and has her life mapped out literally! But no, the boyfriend seems to be holding off his 'will you marry me' and Anna seems to be wanting to get hitched desperately, enough to make her chasing after her boyfriend in Dublin (who was attending a medical conference) and planning to propose to him on the 29th Feb, the leap year, where women in old Irish tradition propose marriage to their beaus (wonder if this is true?) Enter Declan O'Callaghan (Matthew Goode), the cynical, broodingly sexy Irish and proud owner of a small pub in a small village, who hates the mere mention of Dublin! According to him, "Dublin is a city where thieves, liers and backstabbing snakes, where, the worst of humanity collect"

When their world collides, Anna's well mapped plan was totally 'unmapped' in an instant. Anna hires Declan to accompany her to Dublin and what happened along their journey to Dublin is totally hillarious (and romantic of course)! The cinematography is breathtaking and the chemistry between the two leads is really really good! I can't possibly write a whole review of the film, as i'm not a film critic. Besides, I ain't gonna spoil the movie for those who have not seen it yet! Amy Adams, now, she's a real sweetheart. She has always been my favourite actress. A very classy ones, never been vulgar and she seems to be doing her stuff because she loves it, not for the money nor for glamour. Matthew Goode, I don't know much about this guy. He's from UK and well, his dark good looks is sexy and a really good actor! He's so dreamy.. I will never get tired of this movie! Girls, you should watch this movie, highly recommended :)

2.  The Time Traveller's Wife

Adapted from the bestselling novel (with the same title) by American author, Audrey Niffenegger, it tells a story of a librarian, Henry (Eric Bana) who has a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel. The two characters met while Claire (Rachel McAddams) was a little girl  and Henry (an adult) in a beautiful meadow behind her house. She grew up loving him and when they met in the library, when she was a fully grown woman, they fell in love, get married and had a little girl. However, his constant disappearance creates a problem within their married life but in the end, they were still happy and in love. It's a sad story but it's still a lovely love story. Again, highly recommended :)

3. The Back-up Plan

Starring Jennifer Lopez and the actor from down under, Alex O'Laughlin, it is a funny and okay movie.  Tells the story of single, in her thirties woman Zoe, she opted for an artificial insemination procedures to have a baby (she got twins!) after several failed relationships.  Post artificial insemination, she met and fell in love with a man and decided to make a 'this is not gonna work' decisions because she's afraid that the man will bail out on her. The man did know (after they have made love, phewww..what a way to find out, ain't it?), and of course, poor guy, he was terrified and did 'bail out'  on her for several days but in the end, realizing his feelings, decided to sticks with her. Well, the movie actually highlights the antics, crazy cravings and mood swings of pregnant women and what the men have to endure (hey, pregnant women bear the worst!) during their various stages of pregnancy.  It's funny and painful to watch at times.  However, the whole point of the movie is about loving someone unconditionally! My verdict, it's still an okay rom-com. Can watch it in a lazy day..

3.  The Bounty Hunter

Well, i'm not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston but I've to admit, I watched the movie because of Gerard Butler! *wink wink* Well, he was disgustingly funny in The Ugly Truth and he has this gorgeous bods in 300, and goodlooking in P.S I love You. This is a story about two total opposite characters whom fell in love with each other, get married, and divorced! Three years later, they crossed ways and still bicker in almost every single little things but above all, still deeply in love.  Milo hates his 'wanting an orderly life' ex-wife and Nicole hates her 'i don't give a shit and sometimes disgusting ex-husband'. When Nicole skipped her own hearing case (she was accused of battery assault to a police officer) It was Milo's duty as a bounty hunter to bring her back to the authority.

Of course, being a reporter, one who is investigating a murder cover-up case, Nicole abandoned her lawyer to chase after the clue of the murder case but ended up being chased by her bounty hunter ex-husband and some tough, but kind of stupid criminals.  Well, Nicole is bent on getting rids of Milo, and he, bent on shackling and cuffing her to himself, with all costs!  After all, the reward money is good and he's got the incentive of annoying her endlessly (sounds like a pervert S.O.B to me!).  So, the movie progressed with these two chasing and being chased and trading insults to each other's character.  I've to say, after quite sometimes, it bores me. The woman is too pushy and mouthy and the guy is disgustingly annoying to watch.  It has a disappointing ending, leaving you wondering what happens next? There's no closure, it just stopped there! Well, maybe the director is planning to make a sequel? Sorry, i'm not gonna watch it. In terms of acting, they're good actors of course.  My verdict - watch it if you're really bored.

Well, that's it. Me, the film critic *rolls eyes*

til next critics....


  1. Moi, you should see The Notebook.. I like Rachel McAdams and she's great in that movie.. Another one of Nicholas Spark's movie I watched recently was Dear John.. also gave me water works!!

  2. Moi, not yet! i've been wanting to buy a dvd of the movie like forever but i've never get around to do so! ok, i'm gonna get those two, period!

  3. Oh no. Seeing your list, it reminds me that I have missed the cinema for such a long time.

    I did watched bounty hunter on a ciplak dvd, the experience is so bad i vowed since then that I will only catch a movie in the cinema or ori dvds. No more ciplaks for me =_=

  4. gladys, i regretted ever buying the bounty hunter movie. I don't know, the movie just disappoints me and annoys me to no end.

  5. bounty hunter not good? i kept pestering alvin to go watch that and also the back up plan tapi ko tau lah lelaki...tia suka kunun mau tingu romantic comedy ni. he said, better download saja drpd waste time pigi cinema :(

  6. carol,
    i dunno about other ppl punya kesukaan. maybe some will love it, some don't. for me, nahh..not really into it. sia pulak, semua sa suka tingu!


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