Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's picture: Rafael Nadal, the Prince of Hot!

Ayyyy, Papi! Smash it like Rafa! I'm sure the ladies are in full unison of Rafa, being the Prince of Hot *tee hee*

Hey, I too, ogle hot guys earnestly doing their modelling thingy, giving an eyeful service of choco-abs and chiseled faces.  Believe me, by admitting so, I'm so insanely normal! Just a normal red blooded woman and nothing's wrong with that :-P

I surely do envy Rafa's high slashing cheekbones! That come hither look he casts our way...

Loookeee, what have we got here, hmmm?  I've just got some early Christmas present for you.. it sex on gaze? sex on choco-abs? Or shall we slowly unwrap the rest of the pressie?  

Si senoras/senoritas, this is me holding the balls in court! *some early Christmas present indeed!*
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I say, David Beckham who??? 


  1. Hahaha..HOT pictures :) My friend has a crush on him too.

  2. Yep, he's definitely is scorching hot! Me too my friend, me too (one of the millions out there!)

  3. Aiyooo! Ini macam tidak buli lawan owhh...hahaha!


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