Monday, August 22, 2011

You want to cop-a-feel of my bottom?

Well, be my guest if you really want a taste of my spiky heels!  First of all, I am not some  ‘champione du feminisme‘  and like other red blooded women out there, I do play the flirting games although I refuse being  tagged with cockteaser  tag. I let them burlesque dancers take the title (Dita Von Tesse, anyone?) 

Actually, I decided to write about this after reading an article about a woman in UK suing her former employer after he sacked her, following an argument  or rather, a heated confrontation because of his tendencies of pinching and slapping her bottoms and other sexual innuendos thrown her way! Tired of her boss’ constant sex harassment, she finally had enough and confronted him on his behaviour.  You know what did the former boss said to her? He said that she had it coming.  That she’d been casting some signals of possible rolls between the sheets to his direction. It’s in the way she dresses, every time there’s a boardroom meeting, it’s in the way she bats her eyelids.  The fact that the woman dressed appropriately in power suits apparently escaped his notice. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Well, the lawsuit was filed in court and she won. The former boss was sacked with his reputation in tatters. Justice is sweet, ain’t it?

Now, a few weeks later, the actor Jeremy Irons has said in a controversial interview  “any woman ‘worth her salt’ should be able to take a pat on the bottom with good humour” The 62-year-old declared that such an advance is nothing more than a man indulging in friendly ‘communication’.

Such pompousness! Any woman ‘worth her salt’ will indulge in Jeremy Iron’s version of ‘friendly communication’ only when it involves some horizontal body positions or tango in bed and I bet you, it won’t be a mere pat on a bottom! Well, who could blame him? After all, this came from a man who freely admits that “his relationship with his wife as ‘dysfunctional’ and claimed that ‘part of our nature is to have as many partners as possible’. I say, this man doesn’t have the word ‘faithful’ in his dictionary. He’s still wrapped up in daze of the bygone eras of 60s and 70s, where alpha male believed that bottom grabbing was a testament of men’s triumph over the fairer sex!

Back in the 60s or 70s, women just gritted and bore the bottom grabbing and pinching silently.  The situation was like: You tell stories and be prepared to move office or quit the job altogether! The infuriating part was, the men got to keep their jobs! Back then, there wasn’t any specific law to protect women employees from leering male colleagues. However, the rise of feminists crusading for new bills/law/rights to protect women, especially sexual harassment, was finally paid off.  The lotharios learned to zip up their trousers, bind their wandering hands and curb their enthusiasms towards the fairer sex in workplace.  I do believe that law for sexual harassment applied to both sexes now.  Which is good and fair,  because men are also as vulnerable as women when it comes to sexual harassment!

Friendly communication is alright I guess, just don’t go around grabbing anyone’s bottom though. Unless you have some telepathic connections with the other party involved of doing the horizontal tango then by all means, go and grab each other’s bottoms! No one will give a damn if you ended up sporting blue black bottoms from all the grabbing!


  1. Hear! Hear! Moi, out of curiosity, did someone piss you off recently? ^_^ Tanya seja ah.

  2. Moi, recently? Not really. I was molested inside a packed bus years ago and boy, didn't I scream murder inside the bus! The she lion in me merely responding to this Jeremy Iron's pompousness! I think, most of the male population today are aware of the this issue. At least the educated ones. Not counting Dominic Strauss Kahn, Berlusconi's Rubygate & Schwarzenegger's Gropgate scandals though!

  3. OMG. Good thing you screamed, biar dia malu. What a pervert!!!! Went through a similar experience when I was only 16. A dirty old man who was standing behind me in an elevator purposely pressed his body against my back sampai I can feel his you-know-what. Sick!

  4. Lizee, I was only 17 and this muka kena langgar lori guy was grinding his crotch vigorously against my butt! Next thing I knew, I was screaming at him, saying things like anjing, babi, sial etc. Ppl were looking but I didn't care. I was smart enough to know tht there's nothing to be ashamed of for standing up for yourself against sex offender! The pervert surely went red as cooked crab and get off the nearest bus stand with me still calling him names on his retreating back!

  5. As a guy, the thought of 'copping a feel' of woman's bottom, whether it's a stranger or not, is just too disrespectful and wrong! By doing that, they are rightfully perverts. Being the person that I am despite my 'unique' lifestyle interest, I do not condone such acts of sexual predatory nature. Urang begini ngam laitu kamu kasi kena kaw-kaw :P

  6. Really neanderthal in nature...

  7. Neanderthal, yeah! Where the male possibly grabbed the woman by her hair, tossed her inside the cave and proceed to do her in a caveman's version of 'the ravishment of a century'!


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