Monday, October 24, 2011

SUNSET a luxury that everyone can afford of and take for granted.  I always love gazing through the sunset.  No matter where in the corner of earth I am, I always love the sunset best! 

*click images to enlarge view*

No photoshop, no editing, just a normal digital camera :)

Into the sunset

My cousin, soaking up the sunset

One has to possess great skills and mastery to be able to pose atop a pile of jagged edge rocks in the name of vanity :P

My very amateurish shot

One of my favorites..
I also love this :)

Sunset-gazing with your loved ones is a real heavenly treat..
Pictures were taken by the roadside along Jalan Tamparuli-Tinompok-Ranau, on the way to Ranau for a short getaway, Oct 22nd, 2011.


  1. Those are lovely photos Ennie! Macam kena edit ni. Hard to believe you used a simple digital camera to accomplish that :)

  2. Thanks, dear Lizee :)
    Yeah, the only editing I did was resizing in JPEG files. Amazing, right? I think it had something to do with the natural elements like the lights, hues, landscapes and a bit of a creativeness. I love taking pictures, in fact I wanted to do some course/training in photography but since it's an expensive hobby, I settle for creativeness.

  3. oh ya, I took some of the pics with Samsung Galaxy S-11 camera phone ;P


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