Thursday, November 3, 2011

Honey, who moved my guylashes?

Imagine this scenario..

Hubby:  Honey, have you seen my guylashes? Can't find 'em. Did they sprout some wings and flew? *continues rummaging through the drawer*

Wifey:  Ummm...*muffled voice coming through the bathroom. You see, she's busy applying make-up*

Hubby: Hon?..

Wifey: mean the Shu Uemura ones? It's here. Can I borrow 'em?

Hubby: Yes, of course but not today, honey.  I've got a business proposal presentation this morning.  I need to look absolutely at my best today! Can I have 'em? I'm running late already..

Wifey: *pouts*

Why the imaginary dialogue? Here's why:

Male guylashes, anyone?

and this is the accompanying article, excerpt from the Daily Mail

Rise of the guylashes: Men get to grips with eye grooming

We've had guyliner and manscara but now we have the guylashes - false eyelashes for men.
Stars such as Russell Brand, Brandon Flowers and Johnny Depp have encouraged men to dabble in the make-up box but many will be asking if eyelash extensions are a step too far.

Eylure - a brand endorsed by Girls Aloud and stocked in stores across the UK from Boots to Harrods - are selling fake eyelashes for men priced at £4.75 a pair.

Read more:

Ladies, congratulations! You've just acquired yourselves some 'fun' shopping buddies..


  1. unfortunately, my husband has very long lashes that i sometimes wish they are mine instead of his.

  2. bulu mata sya mcm atap rumbia! huhuhu..

  3. hahaha..katawa sia baca komen si Kay!

    Moi, atap rumbia buli kasi lantik ba tu :)

  4. Lizee, patah nanti tu atap rumbia!


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