Monday, November 21, 2011

The Random Eleven

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11 Facts of Enniebelle:

Fact #1: I’m the fourth child in my family (and the only bookworm!)

Fact #2: A dog and cat person.  Back home, we have quite a menagerie. Two cats, three dogs, 8 rabbits (and still counting!) and chickens!

Fact #3: When I was a little kid, I was extremely dark and small.  My siblings and cousins used to taunt me and called me a “Timorese” (No offense to Timorese, each of us are special and beautiful in our own way.  Peace, no war)

Fact #4: When I was in Form 2. there was this new cigu from Kelantan.  He was reed thin with wispy goatee. He had this high pitch, grating voice and quite garang.  On top of being a tyrant, he had a penchant for ‘wandering eyes’ and crude jokes and always leering on female students.  He complained endlessly about the state of my kampong. Saying things like: dekat sini tersangatlah ‘ulu’, saye tak beranilah nak minum air kat sini sebab tak terjamin kebersihan, kampong ni macam jakun, kat sini mak oiiii..panasnyer, banyak nyamuk, bla bla bla

One day, during moral education lesson (ironically, he taught us this subject and he’s the total jerk!), he ordered us to sit in groups and we were to elect a group leader.  I got elected, which I refused. So, our team were left with no group leader.  He said to me: Awaklah jadi ketua. To which I answered: terima kasih la cigu tapi saya tidak mau.  Lagipun setiap kalipun saya saja yang jadi ketua.  Bagi chance sama orang lain lagilah.  He thundered, with eyes bulging: Tidak, cheguuu nak awak jadi ketua.  Cheguuu tak peduli.  Kalau awak tak nak masuk kelas ni, awak boleh keluar sekarang juga.  Awak juga tidak dibenarkan untuk masuk kelas saya hinggalah peperiksaan akhir. Faham?!! (pointing his reed thin finger towards the exit door)

Embarrassed and feeling rebellious (Been bottling up my irritation because the whole class had to put up with his snide remarks about our beloved kampong), I slowly got up and said: Terima kasihlah cigu sebab beri saya pilihan untuk keluar dari kelas ni.  Lagipun, bukanya saya suka sangat cigu pun.  Cigu ni nama saja mengajar pendidikan moral tapi cigu sendiri tidak amalkan apa yang cigu ajar.  Mana boleh cigu main paksa kalau orang tidak mau. Selama ni, cigu selalu hina kampong kami.  Cigu cakap kampong ni macam jakun la, air berbau la, itulah, inilah, padahal sudah menjadi tanggungjawab cigu  mendidik pelajar walau di mana saja.  Ini tidak, cigu selalu merungut, mengina kampung kami.  Kalau cigu suda cakap saya tak payah masuk kelas, saya ikut saja. Off I went and straight to the library. I asked my classmates what happened after I stormed out off the class and they told me: the tyrant went red and if looks could kill, I would probably keel over halfway through the doorway! Well, true to my word, I never attended his class till the end of the semester and naturally, the cigu failed me in moral subject during final exam.  Next semester, another cigu took over and I’m happy to say, I scored A's :P

Fact #5:  During my growing-pains phase, the word ‘hostel’ is my bestfriend.  from the age of 13 to 22, my life was spent in hostels.  I wish I can live the other half, living out on a suitcase in hotels around the world! That’ll be a dream comes true! Well, a place of my very own will not be so bad either..

Fact #6: I wish I could strike up that TOTO jackpot bonanza! And when I do, I’ll settle my debts, buy properties, invest, make my family the happiest bunch on planet, give donations and fulfil that No.5 fact!

Fact #7:  I once said to a man:  sial ko, tiada kerja lain ka? Napa, ko tinguk kami ni macam ayam-ayam ka? You see, me and my cousin were walking, passing by a restaurant and there was this group of men eating.  One of them said leeringly:  punya main sadap! I’m no feminist but when it comes to this kind of thing, I’m a loose cannon.  To think that we weren’t wearing flashy and trashy clothes and he dared to utter such crude remarks was beyond me.  Well, the man turned red and I heard one of the men said: Nah, itulah ko.  Sembarang jak. Skarang suda terkena!

Fact #8:  When a relationship didn’t work out, I prefer to sever all ties with the ex.  There’s no point in keeping any relics from that phase of my life.

Fact #9:  I love going to karaoke! I’m a terrible singer and I might ruin your eardrums but hell, karaoke joints are people’s favourite past time!  You might scream, shriek, cry , croak, whimper, choke or anything but nobody is going to chastise you. Well, you might be teased mercilessly but that’s forgivable for the sake of harmless fun. hehehehe..

Fact #10:  Travelling! My lifelong wish is to tour Europe and Latin America! I yearn to feel the yearlong, wet rolling hills of Ireland, I long to see the Andeans and scale Machu Pichu, I want to feel the beautiful summer in Venice (was here in Dec 2007 during winter), I want to absorb the lights in the city of love – Paris, drink cafe’ au lait in the quaint and chic sidewalk cafes in Paris, be the revellers in Rio de Janeiro’s famous Carnival, go watch soccer live matches in Spanish La Liga, stand under the foot of Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue in Rio de Janeiro, soak up the sun in Greece’s Santorini Islands, inhale spring breaks in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. I want to stand in front of the world's most famous fountain, the Trevi Fountain in Rome, make a wish and throw my coin inside the pond (mumbo jumbo or not, I'd be the tourist no?). Gosh, I want to experience Rome, the whole of Italy!

Oh, must not forget the good ol’ USA: Living as an amnesiac in New York! I want to go bungee jumping in New Zealand.  Well, impossible it may to achieve but nothing's wrong in wishing and dreaming, no?  I need to go and rob the gold bars at Bank Negara a-la the Italian Job before I could achieve these lifelong wishes of mine.  Always harbour this secret fantasy of channelling my inner Kim Basinger in Real McCoy. Kekekekee

Fact #11:  when I love someone, it’s a sacred pledge and commitment.  And while I’m at it, I will never ditch my other love, “rationality”.  I might love someone to death but I will never abandon this dear ol’ love of mine.  Spoken like a woman who burnt too many times, no? There’s beautiful love and there’s dangerous love..

Lizee's  11 Questions:

1.  What is the most foolish thing you’ve ever done?
Not sure which word is the apt description of the thing I did.  Foolish or dangerous? I guess both.  This happened when I was a small girl.  Me and my cousins swam across a swollen and flooded river! The river was murky with strong currents and dangerous debris floating all around.  One knock on the head and there would be fatal consequences! We did it, successfully albeit with painful ‘rewards’ in the form of floggings, courtesy of our parents.  We gained notoriety, as ‘tsk tsk tsk crazy bunch’

2.  KFC or McDonald?
KFC.  McD is not my strong favourite.  If I could choose, it’ll be Burger King though!

3.  Favourite age you have been so far?
30’s has liberated me so! Being in this age has given me the licence to:
own a strong, liberated mind and life in general

Anchor my life around without some annoying interference of: you’re still young. somebody has to keep watch over you.  Whereas now: your life is your responsibility.  You’re now entitled to choose how you live it.  Just let us know from time to time how are you getting on and whether life is treating you fair.  We’ll always be your shoulders (those are the family’s pledge, bless them)

4.  Name one celebrity you can’t stand
That little shit called Justin Beaver! Ooopss..I meant, Bieber!

5.  Choose between these two super-powers: 1. Being invisible or 2. Being able to fly
Invisible.  I don’t think you’d still be able to spread your wings or whatever when you’re old, brittle and bedridden.  Well, you might be able to wiggle your fingers and toes a bit but...

6.  Do you talk to yourself out-loud? If yes, when do you normally do it?
Yes, I do.  Normally when I screw a task and have to redo it.  I will scold myself like : hiiiissssshhhh..buduh, buduh!

7.  Favourite cartoon characters of all time?
Can I answer cartoon characters? For me, The Looney Tunes.  Period.

8.  Do you have the habit of passing on chain letters/emails/texts to your friends?
Nope. They irritate the hell out of me.  Unless, they are accompanied by big fat cheques then I’ll surely pass the love around (Ouch! That sounds exactly like a classic materialistic bitch syndrome)  Fun games with friends, now that, I don’t mind 

9.  What’s your favourite junk food? Pick one
Bin Bin rice crackers! No MSG! Believe me, this stuff is highly addictive

10.  Do you believe in luck?
Yes, I have faith in luck.

11.  What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Being pampered by your loved ones.  Nothing beats the glow of happiness of loving and being loved. It’s food for the soul.

Now, here’s my 11 questions to: AJJusdyTomPapajonehSuhaira WafiahBro NudistSweet WiskiesBella AceWina EdwinaDeanonaRose Ragai

1.  What type of a person are you? Loud or mousey?
2.  Still remember the first thing you bought/did with your first paycheck?
3.  Do you believe in relationships with no strings attached?
4.  If Armageddon strikes, the first thing you’ll do is..?
5.  Imagine yourself as a time traveller.  Which period of times/era would you like to revisit and why?
6.  Movie(s) that leaves a big impression and profound meaning in your life?
7.  Have you ever been in love or attracted to your bestfriend?
8.  Coffee or tea?
9.  Climbed any mountains yet?
10.  The biggest embarrassment you have encountered was..?
11.  Are you a romantic person by nature?


  1. Ooh! I love your fact #10! I like how you have dreams to travel to exotic places! I love travelling and would love to travel to all those places one day too! :)

  2. Jasmine, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Have a nice, sunny day :)


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