Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tis' Was Us

Us, the ladies blogger :)

Event: Ladies Blogger Gathering cum Christmas Dinner
Location @ Little Italy Pizza, KK
Time @ 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Date @ 29th December 2011
Hosted by Chegu Carol

We had this simple and enjoyable catching up sessions over pizza, pastas, tiramisu cake and the works.  Aside from the usual gossip, we also had this gift exchange where each one of us had to draw a name written by the host, Carol. My gift went to Flo Va Va Voom while mine went to her! Fancy that :) Thanks girl for the gift, I loved it! I forgot to take a pic of it. It was forgotten in the chaos of events :)

It was really nice meeting with Cath JAnnie MingMimi AhmadWyne PrideRose FlowerFlo Va Va Voom and Chegu Carol. I had met Carol, Mimi and Annie before. I've known Mimi during my years in KL and had impromptu met with her then. Carol, now, she's a senior during my uni days in UiTM :) While Annie, I met her once, during our first ladies blogger gathering at Sailor's Cafe, KK. In which, she wasn't preggie at that time by the way :) (Congrats dear, for the first baby bump!)

Imagine 8 ladies in a table and well, we were a bit loud. Not skanky loud but only a teeny weeny loud :) Cath-J (btw, your son is cute!), you made me thinking of Kajang in a new light! LOL! Mimi, I loved your dress and those nude heels are just swank! Annie, girl, you look glowing and radiant. Pregnancy suits you.  Carol, thanks for hosting the event and being my ride home :) Flo, I love that japanese cherry blossom.  Wyne, it was very entertaining, watching you and Cath-J talking about funny stories hehehe. Rose, you have the gorgeous complexion ever. Sa jealous ooohh.. :)

Wyne & the very preggie and glowing, Annie

Carol: Bah, cabut nama kamurang. Mimi, you're an imp with that cheeky smiles of yours  :)

Two beaming ladies, Mimi & Carol

Mimi & Cath J

Cath J & Wyne

Wyne & Rose

Flo & myself, exchanging our gifts :)

Myself & Mimi :)

Sorry moi, begagar tangan sa ambi gambar ko :P

Group pic, sa curi dari blog si Carol :) (with permission, ya) 

We ended up the gathering with these words from Cath J: Stay connected ladies, because I think there's one more gathering coming. Dalam perancangan ni.. details will be announced soon. 

Well, I am looking forward to it :)


  1. Lovely post! Yeah, until next meet up again :)

  2. Yup agree with Carol, what a lovely post!! by the way thanks for the compliment and i love your sweetness look ahaks : )

  3. Waw.. finally u update your blog..
    Happy New Year 2012!

  4. aiya sa d kg bah ni..kalu inda sa join juga kali kan

  5. Jenny, yep. that I did. I have so much in mind about the makan stuff thingy (loads of pictures are stored in my lappy)

    Rose, thanks for the lovely compliment :)

    beaty, bah. next time, ko bulih join lagi

  6. Nice post Ennie.. Thanks for the puji pujian.. I love the shoe too! Super comfy that I'm thinking of getting another pair in black.. Tunggu bonus keluar! Haha

  7. Mimi, you're welcome and please, do get the black ones! :)


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