Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Celebrating New Year With Some Bangs! Literally..

First of, Happy New Year to the world's populations, whichever corner of earth you are :)

What did I do during new year's eve? I was marooned at home. Why at home? These are the WHYS (in chronological order):

30th Dec:
Packed my stuffs (well, half of them) for preparation of moving to a new apartment (Renting the whole place on ourselves - that's me and my cousin)  and yipeedoodee! We have the entire space for ourselves :)

31st Dec:
Morning came, still packing. At 12.00pm, had a meeting with the property agent to hand over the balance deposit and to review the tenancy agreement. In returns, he gave me the apartment keys. As I exited his car and in the process of closing the passenger door, my cousin who was sitting in the backseat did the same and the result? Bang! And I saw these tiny stars and blackspots dancing gleefully in front of my eyes! She accidentally closed the door while my hand was still anchored in the car window. I didn't even realized that I was yelling as loudly as Tarzan. The tip of my left thumb was trapped inside while the rest of my fingers were outside.  I couldn't  feel my thumb and I had this wild horror imagination of having the tip severed and was rolling inside the car! My cousin was pale as death and she nearly fainted when I scream like a banshee! She quickly unlocked the door and rush to see whether my thumb was still intact. It did, but it had two tiny holes on it and was swelling rapidly. The funny part, there wasn't even a single drop of blood. Because it was swelling rapidly, she rushed out to the nearby mini market and bought the 'minyak batu' where she practically tipped the whole bottle on my thumb. Glad to say that, it worked!

Approximately at 5.00pm on the same day, we started the painstaking and backbreaking process of 'angkat barang' from the 4th floor to basement parking where the lorry was waiting. First load finished, we exited the basement parking.  The driver was moving in snail pace manners, while me and cousin were riding beside the driver. On the curb, there's this pedestrian (he) walking and in a split second, BANG!!! The driver stepped on the emergency break and I saw this shadow flew, rolling in the asphalt in front of the lorry. Me and my cousin screamed simultaneously and we nearly expired, frozen on the seat! Turned out, he darted  suddenly to cross the road without looking around whether it's safe or not to do so.  It felt horrifying and surreal watching a living and breathing human being, getting knocked over from behind and thrown some meters away! Luckily the lorry was travelling in snail pace and not on a full-throttle speed. Otherwise, he would be a goner for sure. We rushed over to him while he raised and dusted himself off. Thank god, he only sustained minor injury on his right palm, scraped on his right elbow when he tried to break his fall. But dear God, the horror of it is still giving me  terrifying flashback!

It was nearly 9.00pm when we finished  the loading and unloading thing and to cart them again, up to the 3rd floor on stairs. Whew!! The amount of horrors that I experienced on the new year eve was probably the most memorable one to date!

So, on the new year eve, I spent it banging, clanging, grunting and sweating! My entire body was aching like being run over by a steamroller, not to mention feeling dead a little inside, what with a nearly gone digit and flying people who was nearly minced under a lorry!

I'd say, that was a total New Year's Eve banging and some..

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