Monday, August 13, 2012

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge To Visit Sabah!

My fellow countrymen and countrywomen, especially the Sabah folks!  There's an exciting news coming to town this September!

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Image courtesy of

The Royal Couple's visit to Sabah is being drafted in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee! I was, of course in a "hah?" mode when several of my friends posted and tweeted about this oncoming visit on Facebook and Twitter! However, I have since believed it as I got to read  and saw the screen shot about this Royal Couple's impending visit via local paper and Malaysia's very own News Straits Time. It was announced by the St. James Palace and tweeted by Nikesh Mehta, Caunsellor (Foreign Policy & Security) at the British High Commission in KL.

Excerpts from NST online:

The St James Palace announced that Prince William and Duchess Kate will arrive in Singapore on Sept 11, moving on to here and Sabah, before flying to the Solomon Islands.
According to a Twitter post by Nikesh Mehta, Counsellor (Foreign Policy and Security) at the British High Commission here, the couple are expected to have an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as well as meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and paying a visit to a local charity.

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from Bernama:

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 15 (Bernama) -- The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to make an official visit to Malaysia in 2012.

The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur in a statement Thursday said that Prince William and Duchess Kate's visit would be part of a series of overseas visits by members of the British royal family throughout the Diamond Jubilee year, marking 60 years of the Queens's reign.

Futher details of the visit will be announced in due course.


They are expected to visit Sabah from 13th to 15th September 2012.  Just curious, will there be any parade in town? I said: WOWZER!

P/S: To those trolls in FB who are busy lambasting and labeling Sabah as backward, hick and hillbilly, well, take this! Okay, we don't have LRT nor highway tolls but yes, we do travel via cars and planes. And yes, we have baldi, malls, McDonald's, KFCs, Pizza Huts, Starbucks, Coffee Beans, GSCs, and all those normal things that you can find in KL. We're not treetops people either. Come to Sabah and see for yourself, ok? Only then you can pass judgement. Peace and yes, start learning your own country. Meantime, we, the people of Sabah, are eagerly waiting and anticipating Your Royal Highness, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's visit.  Welcome and selamat datang...


  1. I hope you went to meet them and took pictures because I wanna see! :D

    Happy weekend, Ennie!

    1. Unfortunately, no. Didn't have the opportunity :(


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