Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I Think Skinny Models In Fashion Are a Problem


This of course from own opinion. I don't give a shit to those fanatical Ana Wintours & Rachel Zoes of the world, where having thousands of dollars worth designer clothes and accessories clinging precariously off those emaciated shell of human bodies are deemed as friggin' high fashion. The way I see it, it's obscene and disgusting. In my opinion, skinny fashion is an ugly parody of those people ridden with famine and malnutrition.

Yes, I love fashion myself. I follow the current trends, I flick on fashion magazines. I look at what famous celebrities are wearing. I read fashion blogs although I tend to go for street style fashion. Why? Because street style fashion is easy. You don't have to break your bank account to achieve a hip, cool and trendy street styles.

Back to skinny models. I don't get why all these fashion designers are making skinny clothes. They are bent on clothing the skinny people. Do they think that only skinny people roam this planet? People are born in shapes and sizes. However, normal sizes people more or less dominate the entire population. Of course, I'm not saying over-weight people are normal. What I do believe is your weight should balance your BMI for health reasons. Unless you're born naturally skinny, then I don't have to debate on that. I have problem with people with perfectly healthy and balanced weights/BMIs starve themselves to death in order to fit themselves inside skinny clothes. People, especially the young are trying to emulate those bags of bones on the fashion runways and glossy magazines.

When this happens, it creates worrying health problems. Skeletal models died because of eating disorders. Why? Because their modelling agents are pressuring them to embark in extreme dieting, otherwise they'll lose jobs and profits. Some are surviving on liquid diet, while others turn to drugs and nicotine. Now, designers, they don't want normal people as their clothes horses. Even slim models are too fat. In their dictionary, you're a model when your rib cage, collarbones and hip bones are razor sharp. You're a model when your sunken cheeks can rival the Grand Canyon, when your limbs are as thin as needles. These fashion people keep on advocating skinny cultures while the mere mortals keep on struggling to follow the skinny trends. The results? It wrecks havoc on people's health. Even normal size people struggle with their body images. Not to mention the psychological impacts are often times devastating. When people hate their bodies, they abuse it. The consequences? Often fatal. I read countless cases of people losing their loved ones because of eating disorders.

However, I'm encouraged that more and more fashion houses, designers and modelling agents are turning their backs on skinny trends. Hooray to them!

That, my fellow normal size comrade, is a start.


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    1. Thank you! Good on your school to impart that kind of attitude towards fashion. Keep it up!

  2. Haha Ini kali lah. I love my size anyway. (Gorgeous shorty I am!) haha...

    1. too! The only thing I should maintain is to balance it. I'm a midget and anything over 45kg is not healthy anymore.

    2. Not that I'm into fashion or anything like that but it was a well written article I must say. How tall are you anyway? :) So what if midget? Kecil Kecil cili padi, remember!

    3. John,
      Think of Kristin Chenoweth, the American actress :)


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