Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Dumb Side of Photoshop!

Photo courtesy of Elle UK
For a tiny bombshell, looking like a goddess at a ripe age of 44 is not a small feat! Botox aside, who can dispute that lush figure of hers? She has that ideal type of a body that I envy. Petite, slim yet curvy at the right places! However much I love that January 2013 edition of Elle UK, what the hell happened to Ms. Minogue's left leg????!  Where did it go? This is a bloody photoshop blunder! I mean, tweaking the imperfections is still forgivable but why made her looked like an amputee? Unless she has the ability to sit like an osteomalacia sufferer. Or maybe she's a contortionist!

Yep, I think I sound like a total high school bitch but bitch please, she's already gorgeous as it is. No need to photoshop her within an inch of her life til she loses that hot kicker of hers! We still need her "Spinning Around" legs, thank you very much!



  1. maybe she has removable feet ;-) Nice catch, i was too busy admiring Ms. Minougue i missed the left leg!

  2. terus macam tinggi kan. padahal x juga tinggi ini dia nih

    1. Kecil ja dia ni. Tinggi sedikiiiit ja dariku.

  3. that's ms. minogue? i thought she's a russian petite model!


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