Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Yipeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait for tommorrow :-)

Me and a bunch of other friends will be going to Langkawi and that would be my first time visiting Langkawi. Hmmmm....the last time I tasted the tangy and salty taste of ocean was last year, during my visit to Kapas Island, Terengganu.

Back in KK, well....the ocean is just under your nose, so to speak! I miss everything and everyone in KK :-(

My voice? oooohh it's returned allright, but not completely. I'm still coughing every now and then but thank god it's not as bad as a couple of days ago. Looks like my diligence and devotion of gulping two spoonfull of the cough mixture every 4 hours interval and washing it down with a glass of water have been paid off! But...the results? God, the drowsiness was killing me. Such was the effect of the cough mixture. Just imagine, early morning while I was riding the LRT, even if I was standing and clinging onto the 'hand rail' (i don't know what's the name of that damn thing) I'd be dozzing off throughout the journey to my office! Gosh, there was one time that I nearly missed getting off to my station!

I'm counting the hours to tommorrow. Islands hopping? Now, that is a pleasant thought. Might as well squeeze it into our itinerary :-)


  1. wah...can join kaini?? hehe..make sure you take lots of photosss a..hehe

    p/s:klu ada crita sensasi,erm...kali ni nda tau brapa kali.. ;P

  2. crita sensasi? hahaha...i wouldn't know about that but I hope i'd be having a jolly good times there :-)

  3. hahah....

    sa mo join la klu mcm ni.. ;-)

  4. If you got the time, try checking out Pulau Payar. Best juga Ikan yu and ikan-ikan lain all swimming and will langgar you..

  5. too bad, didn't go to pulau payar due to gloomy and bad wheather :-(


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