Monday, July 23, 2007

I had my hair cut off...

I was bored, and I temporarily lost my sanity (probably lah) last week! I went window shopping in Mid Valley the whole Saturday, and ended up entering a hair saloon. Didn't really know what prompted me to let the hairstylist hacking away my locks!
So, in less than an hour...I had a new haircut. It's a simple bobcut but mind you, not a la Victoria Beckham. Simply classic bobcut - the pageboy looks. You know, pageboys in those medieval era in England? yes, that's the one. I'd probably look shitty in my new haircut but oh well, i don't give a damn :-) besides, my hair grows very fast!!!

funny thing was, everyone in my office today - (in a first glance) thought that I was a new kid on the block. boss didn't even recognize me. He exclaimed: "ohhhh, it's you. I thought you're a new secretary"...well, fancy that, he was probably thinking 'who is that shitty and dimwit looking girl sitting on my secretary's desk?' hahahahaha...

Granted, it's actually a good feeling. I mean, doing some crazy things and you don't give a hoot on what other people might think. I know, I'm not particularly ravishing (ravishing? scratch that, I'd settle for UNPRETTY) with my new look but I'm happy cause I can laugh my craziness off and reminisce (maybe like "shit, what was I thinking?") about this say in about 3 or 5 years later?


  1. Any chance of showing off the new look?

  2. kay....i think I need to let my hair grows a bit longer first :-P

  3. that not new look already...

  4. aiya...mandak, show us your need to shy la.. :p mcm mana pun putung tatap santik juga tu...

    sabah tatap....

  5. talk is cheap.. pics please.. hehe..

  6. Aiyaaa, Des! I dun wan2 to post pic of my newly botched image mah :-D


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