Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm losing my voice......:-(

I woke up this morning with a nearly gone voice!

the result? I'm a croaking frog around my office. My colleagues barely understand whatever words I'm trying to say. I've been taking medications since Monday! My friend even bought me traditional Chinese remedy for flu and sore throat. It's called: "Teh Herba Pai Chaw Wai Kan"

ok..forget about my illness.

My response to Papajoneh's entry in his blog about how much/true Sabahan are you questionnaires. Here goes mine:

1. You drive at right lane of the road, with a speed of only 50 KM/H. If people horn behind you, you still don’t know what’s wrong.
Ini mana dapat lesen ni? Was it “lesen kopi O?”

2. You have the luxury of working from 8 AM to 5 PM (get off work punctually).
nope, I work from 9am to 6pm

3. You don’t believe that there is any “clean” politician in Sabah.
Talk about “Politik Sabun, Politik Duitkebanyakan mereka lebih suka mengembangkan poket masing2, selfish and greedy!

4. You feel “obligated” to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu at least once in a lifetime.
Ehem…ehem…I admit I’m no Mr. Salagan but I’ve been there once

5. You prefer a big car than a big house (probably you can’t drive a big house around to show off).
Can I want both? Heheheh…ok la, I’m a petite sumandak so a tiny car is ok

6. You wear slipper and short wherever you go, even in city.
yeah, I do that most of the time but I’d make sure that slipper is at least on the trendy side. Well, slipper design nowadays is very ‘kheng’ mah. Mau yang ada corak kartun, corak batik, corak geometri? Semua ada :-)
Tapi…kalau di kampung, selipar jipun warna merah, oren, hijau, biru semua pakai. Kadang2 tu, ada yang belubang sudah di tumit kaki, nipis dan putus tangkai (ni sambung balik) hantam jak pakai. Yang penting, ada poh…. tidak lah juga tepijak tai langot :-D

7. You still think that Labuan belongs to Sabah.
Well, I know that Labuan is a FT but deep down, I think Labuan and Sabah cannot be parted.

8. You will not go to any FREE seminar / function that has no food or refreshment.
Bah…siapa mo pigi seminar/function kalau teda makanan? Personally, I don’t really like going to any seminar, free or paid whatsoever

9. You don’t care about service. You just want things cheap, cheap, cheap.
Sometimes lah but nowadays, I tend to accept the fact that if you want a ‘tip top’ services, you have to pay more. Yeah, I can handle that

10. You know where to get your candles and torch light quickly in the total darkness (due to training by frequent blackout).
Yes! This is soooooo true.

11. You know what “aramaitiee” means…
ABUDEN?.....yes, ofkoz I know :-D
-yaaaaam seeeeng

12. You shout “referee bodoh” and at the same time throw mineral water bottles on the pitch during a football match at Likas stadium..
Hmmmm …. Never been to any stadium, thanks to TV / radio….however, I do curse sometimes especially when the players are diving here and there with no strong reasons. Sikit2 tumbang macam batang pisang buruk...Germany World Cup 2006, many diving stunts!

13. Your Timorese maid ran away with her lover, taking your money or jewellery along..
my family don’t hire maid. My mum is a ‘Superwoman’ but mostly, now that me and my sisters have grown up, we do the house chores

14. You doubt someone’s mykad whether it is real or fake..
Yup, no argument on that one. Apparently, nearly a million estimate of non-pribumis have acquired mykad, rumour says so. Betul atau tidak, you'd be the judge!

15. Your favourite assemblyman whom you vote and supported all this while…gambled away and lost a whopping 60 million ringgit in a London casino..
Holy cow…those millions are rakyat’s hard earned money and that fella lost it for nothing!

16. You go inside a karaoke at 12 pm and realise that the place is still open at 5 am…
Gosh… I miss go karaoke with friends in KK!

17. You come across a supposedly local person but with a very foreign accent..
Tell me about it!
Speaking about that, there’s a story about foreigners masquerading as locals. This happened when Sabah’s gahmen was doing an “operasi cegah PTI” a while back. One day, a truckload of policemen stopped a KK city bus en route to Inanam. So, one of the policemen asked one male passenger (he was sporting a slightly curly hair) to produce his mykad.

Officer: Mana IC?

Passenger: Ada tuan (he confidently fishes out his mykad) Ini tuan. Sya urang tampatan bah tuan.

Officer: (Takes the mykad and strokes his chin thoughtfully) Ohhh…bagus, bagus! Urang tampatan, bagus. Bah, kalau macam tu, cuba ko kira angka dari nombor 1 sampai 10.

Passenger: Bah. Sya kira ya tuan. Satu, dua, tiga, ampat, lima, anam, tujuh, DELAPAN…… (before he finishes counting, suddenly…..)

Officer: Heh, urang tampatan kunun! Naik ko di situ skarang jugak!! (pointing out the navy blue coloured police truck which was parked by the roadside)

Well, the passenger succeeded with flying colours on his local accent but unfortunately his thick Indon accent (when he pronounced DELAPAN, instead of LAPAN) gave him away!

18. You cannot vote in an election because someone has voted on behalf of you…hmmm….tanyakan pada pengundi hantu

19. You own a bakakuk
I don’t but my dad used to keep about 2 bakakuks. That was long time ago...and he never kept bakakuk inside our house. Kalau polis datang, habis!

Well, that’s about it lah. To sum if up, I believe I am a true Sabahan.


  1. hahahaa... cool. now u really a Sabahan... kekeke. thanks for the referring that ;)

  2. hi..hehe suda sihat ka?? ada suara suda?? :P
    klu teda suara lagi..nti kami lawat la..hehe

  3. Lai,
    ok lar. I'm doing better, better than last week.


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