Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "Hitler" Interviewers

Yup, last Friday I was called up for a job interview. I woke up as early as 6am, as the interview starts at 8.30am, even though i live just 10 mins away from the office location. well, i didn't want to be late and certainly any sane people knows that being late on your job interview could destroy any hope for securing the job.

I reached the office around 8am. simultaneously, several other candidates were alighting from cars/cab and decided to join me at the bench, near the counter (which displayed information counter, on its glass wall) not long afterwards, several more candidates joined us. My, all the candidates were wearing baju kurung, i was the only who wore a non-baju kurung attire. i think maybe, it was Friday and 99.99% of the candidates were all Malay women.

imagine my dismayed when we waited almost 1 1/2 hrs for the interview to start!!! I was like, what the heck? the first candidate was only called when the clock strucked 9.45am. I was the 3rd to go. 1st and 2nd candidates took about 10 to 15 mins before they came out from the interview room. Well, when my turn came, the interviewers grilled me for about 25mins. aside from normal questions, they asked me some hypothetical questions. 2 of them were quite okay, but one of them (a skinny, and frustrated looking woman) kept on asking questions, and she was twisting the similar question round and round. Gosh, i hope I didn't fall on that trap. surely, i've done my best to answer their questions. I think, when i emerged from the battle, my face looked kinda dazed. some of the candidates asked me what happened and did the interviewers asked tough questions because it took quite a while for me to come out from the room. Well, my 'inner bitch' told them that they only asked normal interview questions and such :D hey, it's 'a dog eats dog world' okay..! lol..

okay, i had mixed feelings for this interview. I think I did fine. I was able to answer the questions. Hmmm, for now, I just wait for the outcome. If I succeed, then it's great. if not, then the job's not meant to be mine. I can always try for another...


  1. moi your time for interview you salah type la...u put 8:30pm!! Punya la lama tu you tunggu from 8am to 8:30pm..efficient sangat sangat kauni...LOL

  2. lol, i've overlooked tht part, typing error. mmg efficient, tia bulih lewat time interview mah. have to give good impressions to the potential employer heheheh


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