Monday, March 16, 2009

To Approve Or Not To Approve

well, i'm not sure about you people but will you 'approve or reject' your boss or ex-es if they send you a friend request say, via Facebook?

as for me, the 'block user' application will be sweetly reserved for old flames. as for the boss, hmmm..this is quite a dilemma. maybe i'd click the 'ignore' button. it'll be weird having your boss in your friends list. imagine, he or she will have full access on which circle of friends are you into, your out-of-the-office activities, etc..etc.. god forbids, that wouldn't do! no thanks...

recently, an old flame sent me his Facebook friend request. i was like, duh! of course i clicked the 'block user' application. other people may find it easy to get chummy with their old flames but for me, it's a big NO! when a relationship ended, everything that 'has been' remains 'has been'. No emails, no text messages, no phone number, no pictures, NO whatsoever! You move on with your life and it stays that way...

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