Monday, March 23, 2009

Mission: Hong Kong (March 25th - 29th)

Yep, that's it. I'm counting the days before flying off to Hong Kong this coming Wednesday. okay, i might have to say it's rather 'counting the hours' away. This time around, i'd be travelling with my bestest girlfriend, a fellow Sabahan sumandak. we'd be travelling backpacker style, except we're not going to lug around those huge backpacker bags. Ouch, those bags are bigger than me, I AM A TINY SUMANDAK, that's why!

While we're in HK, we're hoping to catch a game or two (we're gonna catch the 25th 26th matches) of that Hong Kong 10s world rugby tournament. Here's the bonus, the Borneo Eagles team would be competing too. we can only hope that those eagles are going to soar high in the sky :)

my girlfriend said, "babe, i think we should check out Macau as well"

hmmm...i wonder how does Macau look like? all i know about Macau is that, it's basically a gambling haven and the city is bustling with bygone colonial charms. after all, the Portuguese used to colonized Macau. i'm sure it'll be an interesting trip..

meanwhile....the clock it ticking...tick tock tick tock

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