Friday, April 3, 2009

Are We Racist?

i  have to say that whatever corner of the world you're sleeping, eating and shitting (pardon the crude language) in right now, racism is still apparent in every culture.  In Malaysia, racism has been an ongoing debate among the rakyats (common people) and one has to thread carefully before making an open remarks, least that person could be carted away to the most feared 'dungeon' of so-called political justice systems. I do not want to elaborate on that 'dungeon' part cause i'm sure the political learned people knew what i'm talking about. 

As a Sabahan moonligthing in KL, I'm having my dose of homesickness for my hometown, everyday. Yes, got that? Every single day.  So, FB is the good getaway for me to interact with my fellow sabahans.  As it happens, there's a social link in FB for Sabahans as a virtual meeting point to express their ideas, opinions, basically their pride of being Sabahans. It's called, "I Come From Sabah and NO, We Do Not Live In Trees Or Wear Gigantic Leaves" So, there's a board discussion which carries a topic title like this : Are We Racist? Judging from the responses posted in the discussion board, East Malaysians believe that they are least racist compared to West Malaysians people. Below is the excerpt that I cut and pasted from the website:


goddamit..i already try to post this topic three times oredy..dc dc dc..ARGHH..
anyway..are we racist..?

we can see this as DEFENDING our pride..right guys..?i come they still think that we livin in tree and wearing a is that thinking..?

i really terharu when i saw the title of this group..haha..and im doing some rofl, lmao..hehe..

majority of our ppl can talk in proper english..and yet..its not american english..Britain english much better that come colour spelled color..?heh.. what is the connection..?

can native ppl livin in the tree having conversation in 2nd world lang..?

evaluate it using logical not mulut org..gila ba diorg tu.


Strongly disagree, Sabahans are famous not to be racist among anyone. Racism happens anywhere, only among those who possess low mentalities n wisdom. look at successful ppl, are they racist


we are well taught ppl...we appreciate and praise those who achieve great heights in life unlike others who put all their strenght to condemn ppl that are better than themselves...because they have this gene-failure called the jealousy syndrome in their blood...look in jails you'll know how well they're taught by their parents...hahahahahah. conclusion...we racist? no. we are better.


yes...sabahans are known to be friendliest amongst all and i am always proud to say im a sabahan. the living on a tree thing is common but can you guys imagine, just few months back somebody actually asked me " DOES YOUR MONEY LOOKS SAME LIKE OURS?" OMG!!!! That, my friend, is outrageous. Luckily it was a senior citizen and i managed to correct her in a diplomatic manner. talk about globalisation....


Even though I moved to KL at the age of 7, I am still very much a Sabahan at heart !!!!!! And proud to be one :)-


We Sabahan Racist ... NO ... I reiterate that ... No ... If there is any Racist in this Country it would be the West Malaysian ... Why ... Answer simple ... All of the racist news or people who advocate racism are West Malaysian's... What a lame bunch of lot these people are ... When i was young ... I use to mingle happily with Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Kadazan plus the mix... very well ... we use to eat all on the same table and share the same food and drinks... and we still do even now as we meet ... But can we see that in the west Malaysian ... No ... They Have thier Special groups ... Chinese=MCA .. Malay=UMNO, Indian=Mic .. so whose the racist now ...?? If i were to see some Chinese, Malay and Indian sitting together at a nasi kandar place drinking and chatting happily .. it would be my lucky day ... I would go and buy 4D!!! So if anyone condemn us Sabahan a Racist ... 1st thing i would do is ask him to fuck himself, eat shit, die and burn in hell !!!! Proud To Be a SABAHAN!!! WE are NO RACIST!!!  

P.s. We are a more and much well educated lot than these westerners ... who don't even know Geography and how to speak English well ....!!!

Sumandak kind of agrees with this one:

According to Human Right and Equal Committee Commission (1998) of Australia, racism is defined as:

“ an ideology that gives expression to myths about other racial and ethnic groups, that devalues and renders inferior those groups, that reflects and is perpetuated by deeply rooted historical, social, cultural and power inequalities in society”. 

My question to those who dare call themselves a non racist person:

1. Have you ever at any point reason a person base on their ethnicity/national group/race?

2. Have you ever at any point think that all (legal and illegal) immigrants in your area should die and burn in hell because you’re so disgusted with them?

3. Have you ever at any point think that your ethnicity/national group/race is superior to others?

4. Have you ever ridiculed a person for speaking a language or an accent different from yours?

5. Have you ever thought of uniting and destroying other national group/race/ethnicity?

6. Are you doing anything to stop racism? Or are you an exclusive member NATO?

I dare stand up and admit that I have at least once in my lifetime said/did sometime that suggest the act of racism. I am ashamed of this act and I pledge to stop it. 



Be proud! We are not racist. In fact, we have no problem joining the other races in KL. We can speak malay (sa sampai skrg tu slang sabah susah mo lari!) and also English. I can easily sit with the Indians, Malays, and Chinese. Maybe I being a Sino-Kadazan helps a lot.




org malaya mmg ada sikit problem bah pasal race ni

dah komuniti dorang itu mcm bah dari dulu. kawin campur sana meaning lain...Malay+Indian, Malay+Chinese, Indian+Chinese.... or lain2 lagi la cuba klu d sini, nah... ko check ja sodara2 ko tu ada dusun, ada bajau, ada brunei, ada sina.... campur2 bah suma sudah apa lagi kawin campur kunun, mmg sudah bacampur sia ja kan, klu d check butul2 kunun dusun+brunei+iranun+arab+brunei.... nah... apa sudah tu? klu ada Dusun/Kadazan yg kahwin, sure ada sodara mara muslim dorang yg masak utk jemputan muslim. tapi org melaya yg ndak tau tu ragu2 sikit mo makan kunun... mcm la org ndak tau bah kan. kotoh


who call us racist? did anyone ever say that? among all the other states in malaysia we're the least racist of them all...seriously, im not kidding, when they are there sitting in groups, we sabahan jump from group to group no problem...but we rather stick with anther sabahan coz the negativity they're spreading are overwhelming


hi, aku dr s'wak, saja2 masuk group ni sbb dia punya interesting topic....tapi seriously, spt kamurang ckp,mmg btul bah west malaysian ni racist...sbb dlm kelas aku, malay duduk dgn malay, cina duduk ngan cina n so on...tyme dkt matrix dulu ndak ada mcm tu, satu group bulih sampai 5 bangsa...satu lagi, ada kwn aku hari tu bah, bagi satu questionaire, ada satu soalan tanya, (lebih kurang begini la) "perlu kah di wujudkan satu budaya baru di m'sia utk mewujudkan perpaduan kaum?"aku pun jawab:"budaya baru? tidak perlu, sbb di sbah n s'wak perpaduan kaum mmg kukuh,tapi s'mnjg lain la" west malaysian yg ada masalah perpaduan aku proud to be sarawakian n borneo-an.... ( i love sabah as well) ntah apa2 bah diaorg tu...


When i was studying in Bangi somewhere in 1996 during oreintasi, ..i noticed most of the students stayed 'berpuak - puak', ..melayu in one group, cina in one group, indian in one group, ..they were puzzled when they saw us (mostly sabahan) forming one group also but with 2 melayu, 1 chinese, 1 sino india, 2 pure kadazan, 1 sino kadazan in one group, good thing about we sabahan@srwakian is that we can join any group formed by them, but they cannot @ unlikely to join any sabahan @ srwkian group like what we used to be as multiracial in sabah @ srwak ..Buli bah kalo ko!!


am i racist? are we racist? PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN! :D


sabahan@sarawakian were more open minded as compared to west malaysian. we accept & can mingle with all sort of people. Durang punya semangat perkauman sungguh tinggi! durang lazimnya suka buat kaum lain rasa terpinggir, lumrah durang disini suka buat org gaduh!

and lastly, sumandak's response:

the barometer of racism is kind of deep-rooted in the west malaysian culture, instigated by avaricious chest-thumping politicians (however, i've to say that there are still honest ppl whom are opposed to racism). We, the Sabahans are not decreed by the political aspiration of "JANGAN MENCABAR KETUANAN MELAYU" i could still recall the frantic "keris waving gestures" of a certain politician which was aired in the national TV not so long ago, shouting tagline of "kalau tak suka, keluar dari Malaysia". Such acts could certainly turbo-charged the already planted seed of racism sentiments towards malaysian rakyats in general. 

Having said that, I am proud to say that Sabahans & Sarawakians are the most friendliest people in Malaysia. We have a high-tolerance to other cultures & religions. Simply put, whatever ethnic you're from, you'd feel at home walking the streets of Sabah & Sarawak.


hmmm...for what it's worth, Malaysia is definitely still the safest country in the world, even if not 100% politically united. I believe Sabahans are truly proud of their vast multi-cultural herritages and its spirits of togetherness. The value of simple and laid back life still works as a magical charm that pulls you towards this beautiful state. Welcome to Sabah, my dear weary friends :)



  1. kin panasss o drg kan...

    P/s:err..jadi dri dulu kicik la ko key il ni??

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  3. mmg, kin panas tapi most of the time, i just ignore it.
    aissshhh, mana ada. sia karaja ja d sini ni. it's been about 4 years now, going on to 5

  4. me too have a few sabahan/sarawakian friends and i must agree that those from the east m'sia are the least or in fact non-racist people in malaysia. kudos.

  5. thanks :) we are indeed bunches bunches of friendly beings. to prove that testimonial, you guys have got to go visit EM. lol..


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