Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melting, Melting...SWEATING!

Yikes…..I am wilting away! This hot weather is playing havoc to my peace of mind, obviously! Restless, restless and restless. I know, it’s summer time in some part of the world now. We, in South East Asia (unfortunately) that’s Malaysia, so to speak, are suffering from this merciless heat. It's been unbearably hot and dry all week!

It has reaches to the boiling point, where days and nights are equally scorching hot! I am practically prancing around my house partially naked! Serves me right, cause I’ve never get around to contact my housemate’s handyman to install the AC on my room. It's still languishing inside the store room, collecting dust and rust. To be honest, I don’t really like AC that much. AC kinda gives me chill and makes my body aches, that’s why. Up until now, I am still depending on the conventional fan. Besides, it saves power and it doesn’t harm the earth.

Gawd, feels like want to stand in the shower for another 100 years more or so! That's it, if I don't become all dried up and brittle already..., if only I look this cute when sweating!

Hah, NO, I don't! Need to drink gallons of water...go, get yourself some water. Need to take care of that skin complexion. Errrrrkkk???!


  1. mimang! panas macam dalam oven sia rasa..aiiiisssh

  2. Buli jd kurus br posting cni tawau pun lagi la panas gila...err klu sa umah sblh bilik beli lens pjg o...hahaha

  3. hahaha...semua lemak trus cair! hujan pun kalu d KL sikijap2 jak. kin panas!


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