Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello From Ireland...

Aye, aye...what happened???

Lately, my FB inbox has been flooded with friend requests from Irish people. Some have even asked me out for coffee (does Irish people drink coffee? - they must be) and beer. They thought i'm in Ireland..am flabbergested, i mean didn't they read my profile? i have to reply:

"lovely, but am living on the other side of the continents and we can only do coffee and beers in our dreams"

and they go like: "err, you're not from Ireland? i thought you are"

eh???? did FB somehow ommitted my 'networks and current city info?' ...... i don't think so..

never mind, i did aprrove a few of those friend requests...where's the harm in that? i only hope that they are not axe murderers moonlighting in FB, lol!

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