Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Festival Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

TM Music Festival Pesta Malam Indonesia 3
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium @ outdoor arena
Date: Sat, 20th June 2009

ok, i'm not much of a concert-rat kind of a person but my bestfriend practically collared and kidnapped me away to go see the concert. apparently, she's into this indo band called Andra & The Backbone. so, there i was, sacrificing myself to the merciless heat and not to mention 'colourful' people cramming to see their idols : Padi, Gigi, Dewa 19, Sheila on 7, Andra & The Backbone. of course these names are undisputed crowd-puller, the giants of Indo music scenes.

and.. it turned out, i had a great fun. the performances were superb, vocally and muscially. despite the sweltering heat, they kept on churning great performances. I especially liked Sheila on 7..wonder where did the lead singer, Duta found the energy to jump around the stage and still managed to maintain his vocal chord! hats off, dia tidak pancit pun! Great entertainer, his sometimes funny antics on stage cheered the crowds up

walaupun pening tengok terlalu ramai orang, dengan ragam dan 'aroma' yang alahai...i had a really great time. Overall, fantastic performances from all the bands involved..
makasih ya mas mas sekalian lol.... did i get it correctly? :)

here are some of the pics from the concert..

....the hair and the hat

....random shot of the concert goers..these guys were ready for the camera lenses, obviously!

....what with the t-shirts waving tendencies? promoting the shirts?

...Padi, rockin' the crowd

....see the perfect contrast? these duo practically stole the limelight. even the photogs were busy snapping their pics away...

........sumandak and her retro-inspired sunnies, yep..gotta protect dem peepers

sumandak and her BFF, Dee


  1. u still hot babe....ehehe masih putungan gitar...fewwiittt

  2. hehehe..LAi, mana gia ko tau sia masih putungan gitar? kah atau ko cakap tentang gambar no. 7?
    heheheh...tapi tengkiu la :P

  3. yup...from this pic yg d FB lagi cool..."2 pax" powerrrr....hahaha

    suda sa takan 'like' sana pic2 kau tu..ekekeke

    stay in that shape...yeeeehaaaa...hahah

    p/s:nasib teda lg 'juicy bits story' mcm awal2 ko stat blog dulu...ekekek

  4. juicy bits story, oh..i've got lots and lots of them but i think there's no need to write off the most juiciest part, doncha think? lol...

  5. uish...mesti tu tau...ekekek

    misti write tu...hahah wajib aa...mana tau sa 'terjoin' juiciest part tu smday...ekekek :P beg u to writeeee...hahahah

  6. skarang ni tidak berapa jajal suda. nti la, kalau ada cerita menarik dan hot, ko tebaca juga tu :)

  7. tidak brapa jajal a...buli konfem kaitu???muahahahah :P

    sa jajal la sa ma kko ni.... :P


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