Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys With Talons... hot? NOT!!

was riding the bus home yesterday and saw this guy with a ten sets of talons. i didn't mean to secrutinize every people around me but sometimes, my eyes can turn to 'eagle eye' mode hahaha! sometimes, not all the time okay :P  
so, what do you guys think? to me, it's a big turn off. why must a man (one who wears muscle t-shirt at that) simpan kuku panjang macam pontianak??? long pinky nail ala-phua chu kang might still be acceptable but ten whole sets of  'em? dang! see the picture below? i managed to curi-curi snapped his picture with my camera phone.

my speculations are:

1. he's gay
2. he thinks it's sexy
3. it's convenience to garuk his back
4. toothpick? no need!
5. he's an ah beng in disguised
6. clutching that oversized wallet with his kuku pontianak is one of his 'wow' factor
7. those are his 'wolverine' weapon. can cungkil opponents' eyeballs

my advice to you guys : you want to keep long fingernails? by all means, please do. it's your right but do you have to go to this great length? when i first saw him, two words came to mind ~ eeeeeewwww, yuck!


  1. I hate to see men with long nails too, even if it's only on the pinky... That's a big NO NO! I mean, there are products being sold to do all that picking works, right? Being a short nail person myself, I'd like to see men with short, nicely manicured fingernails!

  2. agreed. why must men keep long nails? what's the purpose? is it because they are too lazy to cut the nails? can always try the manicure/pedicure saloon. or better yet, ask their gfs/wives to cut it. tsk..tsk.

  3. wow...up to date web...anything write in kadazandusun languages ka?

  4. ko jaga2.. nasib baik dia tidur.. dia nda sedar, kalau dia tebangun trus dia tgk ko ambik pic dia.. habis la..dia cakar ko tu..huhu

  5. lol..and the newspaper highlights is this:

    Kuala Lumpur - a woman was attacked on her face following a misunderstanding between her and a man. according to several witnesses, the alleged incident happened....

  6. and.....what was the look on people's faces when you took the photo of this stranger?

    Salute u lah!

    ~borneo gal

  7. well, i've got my technique! nobody realized that i was taking pic with my camera phone :P i actually love snapping random pictures :)

  8. Men with long fingernails, especially the ones keeping their pinky fingernails long enough to unlock a keypad,.. it's such a turn off to me.. It's filthy and eeeurgh!..there's some good looking guys, whom you tengok memang jatuh cintun trs, tapi tinguk kuku, yoo! panjang dari kuku antu ponts!


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