Saturday, August 15, 2009

Makciks Kepoh

Gawd, I hope i won't be turning into a makcik kepoh when i'm nearing my menopause! wait a sec, shall I say "M" instead of the full word? some women may find the word scary but i don't. it's a natural course of life that a woman eventually has to face on her twilight years. so, accept it with respect and dignity ladies. also, find a way to live your life happily and normally. consult your doctor, medical wonders are god given gifts. therefore, we must utilize it fully :)

ok, enough about menopausal talk. back to the makciks kepoh topic. i am surrounded by these type of makciks 5 days a week. i don't know why, but almost all the makciks in my '5daysaweek' are "kepoh" (in english: gossipmongers). their excessive kepohness for 'tabbing' on someone else's life, particularly young women is almost like a final stage of cancer. For example, when i wear a floral and flowy chiffon gown and accessorized it with a wide belt, one of them would looked at me with a funny expressions. one time, she even 'radio-buruked' me:

"what dream you had last night ah? your gown looks a bit out of fashion. wah, what a wide belt. it looks heavy on you" her shrilly voice kinda filled the entire office.

damn, to think that i was wearing the latest fashion trends and she commented on the way i was dressed? my replied was: "i like it, i don't dress for people. as long as i'm comfortable and feel good wearing it, i don't see any harm on that!"

if i am in the middle of my lipgloss touch up, one of them would be saying things like: "wah, touching up again ah?" if i happened to comb my hair and applying powder on my shiny nose before heading back home, they'd go like "got a hot date keeeee?" bloody hell, always commenting on the stuff you do. Hello, it's not that they were not young once. I'm pretty sure they had enough share of bell bottom days, platform shoes, and max factor moments (the name of the popular cosmetic brand during the 70s to 80s) during their younger days! when me and my friends eat lunches in my desk, there goes a comment like this: "wah, patry ke?" this is after she and her friend ate like pig inside her friend's office! who the heck wants to eat inside a pantry that connected with toilet? the dining table is like facing the glaring toilet bowls whenever someone opens/closes the toilet door!

one time, when i went to the clinic to see an otorinolaryngologist (because my right ear had been bothering me) one of the makciks dengan muka selamba said to all and sundry : "alaaah, penuh tu dengan tahi telinga. sebab itu la gatal" i was like really wanted to punch her right there. when the real fact was, according to the doctor, i had an ear infection. the inside was kinda pinkish, bruised and tender. he gave me tablets and ear drops. in fact, i still need to see the doc this tue/thur to monitor the progress of the treatment. hope by then, my ear would already be healed.

why all the kepohness? is it a substitute for their miserable life? for cheap thrills? sex deprived? or they really love to 'microscoping' and 'documenting' other people's existence. i guess, for them, it is some kind of a food supplement...don't even mention wiping up the boss' ass and polishing up the shoes...


  1. ngeh2....

    len kali ko cari point balik bah kasi kana balik..baru best...

    nti sakit2 badan tu macik...ko ckp la..."dah nak mampos tu..mmg la sakit2..."

  2. LOL!! Kesiannnnn...sabar ja la

  3. hahaha..emelda, that's typical of them kan..


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