Thursday, October 1, 2009

The super boring long holiday breaks..

Well, there wasn’t really special or interesting happenings during the Eid holiday breaks, at least for me.  Initially, I was thinking of heading back to my hometown for a badly deserved holiday breaks but considering the daylight robberies of the plane ticket (both MAS & AirAsia respectively) I had to cross that plan in the end. Tried to book myself a return ticket one month before the fasting month begun but all the cheapest seats have already been booked! So, no balik kampung trip for me..

Also, I was thinking that since i'm going to terbang balik to my hometown end of this October, I might as well abandon the whole idea of flying back home during the Eid breaks. It’ll save me from overspending for  plane ticket! Hmmm, can’t hardly wait for October to come. There’s my little sister’s 17th birthday party, an extended family gathering, and a Halloween party to attend to. Excitement, excitement, excitement! Hehehe..

So, what did I do during the Eid breaks? first day of Eid, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my bff, Dee. Basically, all we did was window shopping, people watching, eat, and watched the movie, “The Ugly Truth” . As usual, Gerard Butler is a superhunk, superhot and supersexy even without removing a single article of clothings. ah well, what can I say? He’s all that. Ah, and who could forget about the hot doctor (Heigl's next door neighbor & the object of her affection in the movie) Of course, this movie is not for minor. Expect a lot of gruff, expletives, hot and sexy dialogues!  Actually, I had fun watching this movie! i liked it. Second day of Eid, I marooned myself at home – slept, internet, TV, DVD marathon. Basically, a couch potato! Third day of Eid, spent the day mall-haunting from noon til 10.00pm! Again, money was spent on invisible things!  Nda tau apa benda pun yang sia beli! Would you believe that????! 

Who said KL was empty during the Eid breaks? Wrooooong! The malls were teeming with people, be it local or foreigners - it's like "Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Myanmars' Day Out!"

oh well..


  1. saya pernah juga merasa nda balik sabah dulu.. semua kedai tutup..

    nasib la saya sudah balik cni kerja :)

  2. kadai tutup? ainah, shopping mall tu panuh urang juga..


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