Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When at night (The Cleopatra of Minyak Batu)

My housemate (she occupies the room next to mine) has these weird habits.

At exactly 8.30pm, she goes to bed.

Prior to that, the smell of  the potent 'minyak batu / minyak urut' will be wafting out from her room (simultaneously, I'd be wrinkling my long suffering nose!)

Then, I'll be hearing this 'cling..cling..cling' sounds (I guess she's shaking up the roaches repellent spray can)

Adds up the 'pissshhh, pisshhh' sounds from the roaches repellent spray can,  and the smell that emanating from her room is enough to give me million migraines (yeah, I know. I'm exaggerating here..)

Then, she switches off the light. Quiet now, save from the the whizzing sounds of the ceiling fan. I guess she's off to dreamland..

In the morning, I will be smelling coffee (I have no issue in regards of this one!)


Comes nightfall, the whole circle is repeated...

Does she suffer from chronic arthritis? I doubt that because she looks quite robust and a bit on the chubby side. So, why does she shroud herself as the Cleopatra of Minyak Batu?

Still, my nose continues to suffer..every night at that!


  1. Kesian ko moi! Adeh.. maybe get a new housemate?

  2. LOL! Dia punya 'lullaby' mangkali bah tu minyak batu tu....some people i know loves the smell of minyak kapak that they need it every time before going to bed.

  3. Mi,
    I am still searching for a new place bah this. I won't be staying here for long. I hope by end of this year, I could move to a new place..

    minyak kapak i think masih ok. ini nda, minyak yang betul2 busuk/kuat bau ni. Maybe la, dia punya lullaby..heran juga dia nda paning sb bau tu campur suda dgn insect repellent.

  4. That minyak sounds familiar,macam minyak yg pilipin jual di Kg. Air tuh siap dengan microfon and speaker tellin' every1 how 'mujarab' it is over and over...probably the reason why u're housemate uses it a lot?(no offense to you're housemate of course)
    As long as she didn't buy it from the person that shouts out, "racun semuuut, racun tikuuuus" sudah lah..hehe

    Cheerz & nice blog by the way, have a great week!

  5. LOL @ malleus21 hahahaha..that racun semuuut, racun tikusss cracked me up! Not too sure about her penchant for the minyak. It's just that even my granny doesn't use that amount of minyak.
    thanks for the compliment and for dropping by. len kali, singgah lagi :P

  6. Ennie, seriously, I really want to make love to you right now

    JVC of NRT

  7. LOL!! Kasian ko moi. I thought you're moving in with your cousin...Hope you'll get to leave Cleopatra soon hehehe

  8. Lizee, yes. initially I was to move in with my cousin tapi her current hsemate pula ni nda maw lari padahal that day dia bilang nda lagi maw tinggal sama. the funny part was, when she heard that I'd be moving in after she left, all of the sudden dia bilang nda maw la kunun pindah! I'm so damn geram..

  9. wow...ennie byk peminat/stalker jgak ah?
    .heheh..about that hsemate yg inda mo pindah tuh besala like that; people usually 'want' what other people 'want'~ even IF they 'don't want' it anymore, suddenly there's a goblin on their shoulder telling them.."weii, she want it also, so it must be important; so you don't lah let go.."~just imagine the goblin wearing Santa outfit to add 'flavor'. LOL!~!

  10. malleus21,
    peminat? lol..inda la. nda cukup x-factor ni hehe.. well, I've moved to a new place oredi dis..so, the Cleopatra can now shrouds herself with whatever minyak she likes! :P


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