Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sunset Outing With My Sister..

Above picture is of me and my big sister (so does her expanding waistline! I'm gonna be an aunt for the third time!) When we were kids, there wasn't a single day gone by without us fighting. When I say fighting, it's translated as 'screaming matches, nose bleeding, fists and kicks'! I am not slightly crooked nose is a testament of her tempers! Miraculously, it had all changed when we were in our teenage years. The fightings stopped and the peace in our house restored, much to our Mama's delights. We became closer, traded our secrets and most importantly, it seemed that our roles are reversed, with me acting like more of a big sister and  her confidante (til now). 

This entry is dedicated solely to my sister, Wean. May her life be blessed..

at a gathering...

Sabah International Exhibition (Oct 2010) @ 1Borneo Hypermall, KK

that's a real orang utan, albeit a dead preserved ones @ Sabah Forestry 's booth

with her hubby, Jason. Yeah, he's supertall..

one of the hundreds of booth at the exhibition and why should you name your coffee product as kopi batang? obviously, this is for men!

taking a break at Novotel hotel's lounge

no ice cream for me, only coffee please!

tidak sama, tidak serupa..people always say: "you two are sisters? hard to believe that.."

me and my tan skin..

driving towards the city centre.  my shot inside the moving car..

'twas a clear and sunny day..

my amateurish shot of the new mosque @ Likas

my favorite place in KK, sunset-gazing @ Jesselton Point. Traded my WOMD with flats. I don't have Victoria Beckham's tenacity of doing some walkabout in heels!

taken by my bro-in-law, Jason the wannabe paparazzi  :P

enjoying the cool breezes..

shooting the sunset with my mobile phone

and the outcome is this..

I love taking candid pictures of people, you could capture the moment and the nuances of the surroundings..

laki bini enjoying the sunset...

my favourite pic, the lovey dovey laki bini. shot this secretly without them knowing. 

this bloke is a regular here. We chatted him up and according to him, you could cast your line here with a cost of RM10 per entry. Your catches is your own business..either throw  them back to the sea or bawa balik rumah, kasi guring pun sodaaap!.. :P

if only life's like this, everyday *sighs*

Sunset @ Jesselton Point, KK is undeniably breathtaking. Whenever time permits, I'd always be there...and I will never get tired of it..

That's why I love KK :)


  1. you both sisters??? hehe yabah, tidak berapa sama ni muka...

    wha, mau bayar juga pula mo pancing sana tu. i tot free saja. i wonder if those yg pancing near the sulaman road tu pun kena charge or not cos sana lagi ramai urg memancing.

  2. carol,
    iya bah.urg mimang nda percaya yg we're both sisters! mmg nda sama muka ni. I am my parents' punya anak bcs i was born in my mum's punya kampung. nda sempat pun bawa pigi clinic. apparently yg nda kesabaran kaluar ni! iya, maw bayar juga tu. Rm1o sekaali masuk pg pancing..

  3. about the pancing2 at JP...if someone brings 5 fishin'-rods camana tu ah? would it be rm50 or just 10?
    Maybe it'd get more expensive for a guy if he's fishing while drinking the Kopi Batang thingie...

  4. xander, nda tau pula kalu every fishing rod ko bawa kana charged RM10 but the angler said, RM10 per entry. HAHAHAH! kopi batang? maybe you just need to bring the kopi and a flask of hot water, murah juga kali :P

  5. hmm, bah nanti la sya try...if got discount i let u know; tapi kalau tambah mahal sya bawak tapau ikan sardin tin jak lah lain kali pi sana..xD

  6. LOL! ikan sardin, the best makanan kalu pigi kabun tu! hehehehehe..

  7. You make me miss Sabah even more!!!

    *perasaan rindu yg mendalam... :_(

    BTW, you put on a few pounds ehh...

  8. hi hi~ visitn you for the first time~ macam syiok pula kamu dudk sana kan~ mau try la ni~ hehehe..take care there~

  9. Jerryc,
    not only few pounds! I think I'm fast becoming a g-par! From 42kgs to 48kgs, damn scary I tell you. I need to diet liao.

    thanks for visitin' :) yes, mmg syiok tu. On a clear day, it's a total bliss.. :) bah, cuba la..

  10. I enjoyed those photos very much! Nice la outing with your sister and her hubby.. ;-)

  11. Annie,
    thanks moi :) I love taking photos and I don't care if some professional go and throw insults to my amateurish shot. Well, I'd love to go for some photography courses but I neither have the commitments nor cash to do that. It's an expensive hobby! Maybe, one day la.. :)


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