Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saying Hello To New Year 2011

This is gonna be a brief entry.

I am not making some new year's resolutions.

I just hope that the painful memories of the previous year won't stop me from becoming a better woman with a positive outlook for life.

I want to celebrate life! Be it happy, sad, bitter, sweet, sour or millions other emotions - if such emotions even exist!

Lastly, hello life! May we have a wonderful journey together..


  1. Manda,
    Happy new year to you too! I bet you had a blast during new year eve :-)

  2. Happy new year moi! Just like you, I dont have a new year resolution.. and my memories of the previous years was painful too.

  3. Mi, Happy New Year to you too! I am through with new year resolution. I just want to celebrate life.

  4. happy new year moi!..most of my resolutions are those from previous years...tidak pandai kena achieved ni hehehe...but i will still have least i have something to look forward or aim for this year... :)

  5. Hi mandak..Yeah, me too. I have no new year's resolution this year. Let's have a toast to that nice motto of yours "celebrating life" :)

  6. hi lizee, happy new year to you too! Yes, let's celebrate life. I dearly hope that we would sit together, like what the girls (me icluded) did last year and make our grand toast! Should be loads of fun, no?


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