Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hairy Tales..

"Dear, U are invited to my birthday barbeque party at A'famosa on 14th Feb..U can bring along ya friends"

That was the content of an SMS that was sent to me last week. I didn't bother replying, as the number is as alien as Jar Jar from Gungan City (in Star Wars movie) to me. On Monday, when I checked back the conversation features in my mobile, the message jumped up on the screen. So, curious creature that I am, I decided to reply: "Anyhoo..thanks for the invite. Malacca is a bit far from me at the moment as I am now at the other side of the ocean. So, who this again?"

The reply came:
"Oh..I am hairy..we've met a couple of times before. Once at your friend's birthday bash and at RumJung"

Me: Hairy? you mean, you're hairy as opposed to hairless?

Hairy: No la. Just Harry. I intentionally spelled my name wrongly..hehehe

Me: Oh..thank god  for that. If you're hairy..that's uhh..ok. case closed.

Harry: lol..

Me: Wow..I am sorry. To be fair, I don't remember you. You're talkin about which friend?

Harry: Your friend la, S.

Me: Ok..now I remember (the fact is: NO, I don't remember this guy) Well, It's been like 2 years and gosh, you still keep my number?

Harry: Of course. You left a quite lasting impressions to me. I remember you being this petite and sassy lady..so, you're coming to my party or not?

Me: Lasting impressions..mmmhh..I wonder what those impressions are.. (and..I am still trying to figure out this bloke's face, to which until now I can't still recall his face!)

Harry: Oh..believe me. You and your moments..you and your EM counterparts are fun, as in F.U.N! hehehe

Me: Fun? Ok, that's cliche..I believe, everyone has their fun side. If that has some double entendre meaning, I can assure you, I'm not spelled in F.U.N.

Harry: hehehe..ok. ok..you sure you're not going? C'mon, it'll be fun. I've secured a bungalow, there will be about 30 guests, free flowing drinks, bbq pit, some games.. besides, you're fun..

Me: Nah, don't think can make it. You guys have fun ok?

Harry:  :-(  too bad. I'm actually looking forward to your company..Next time then? Ok?

Me: :-)

I'm not a paranoid bitch but when he mentioned about securing a bungalow, 30 guests, free flowing drinks and some games, that sounded like some full-blown orgies to me. Besides, I'm not aspiring to be on the 8 O'clock prime time news nor being subjected on the front page headlines. It's 14th Feb, the month of love, la luna de amor or as TV3's 999 will phrase: bulan maksiat, I'm sure all those Anti-vice enforcements will be put on the look out for these type of activities. You bet!

Besides, I've got no interest with someone whom I presumably met two years ago and out of the blue contacted me, spewing nonsense about lasting impressions. That's so meh! Furthermore, I refuse  to be some decoration, appetizer, side dish or main dish to those testosterone-laden vultures!

Sweet god, no!


  1. LOL! betul2 macam fisherman oh that hairy guy...main berani ja kasi tebar jala di sungai likas LOL!

  2. Moi, exactly! betul2 clueless sa dgn ni hairy guy. Try as I might, I don't remember his face! Hehehehe..jala dia kuyak!

  3. Yeah, he does sound fishy and creepy..Mcm di movie oh moi. He could be a sociopath! Hehehe...Wonder what he looks like???

  4. hahaha..lizee, main wayang bah he that..he freaks me out too. Out of the blue, tiba2 ajak sa pigi berparty.

  5. Hahahahahaha..., wise decision girl.
    In my opinion, that guy most probably never meet you before. He maybe got your number from some of your friends or your Facebook.
    Guys in West Malaysia here, when they see a Sabah girl, the only thing they think will be easy sex.
    See you around.

    SBC Admin.
    Sabahan Bloggers Club.

  6. hi lunaticg..thanks for dropping by :) yes, they have this weird fetish about sabahan girls..sorry, but i believe most of us are not that stupid and gullible! :)

  7. yikes! that guy sounded like a douche!...


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