Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Purse Post-mortem..

OK, as I was tagged by a blogger gf, Carol on her My Doraemon Pocket Part 2 entry, now it's my turn to present the full report of my purse post-mortem! Ngeh..ngeh.. before progressing further, I have to tell you that once upon a time, I used to sumbat almost everything inside my tortured purse. My ex use to complain  that for a small lady like me, what's the point of carrying an oversize purse. Did I put bricks inside it too? Well, seeing that I buried lots of handbag corpses, I've learned to downsize my purse. Bit by bit for that matters. Now, without further ado..here it is:

My bargain Carlo Rino purse. I love the color, it's a mixed of dark brown and maroon colors with lots of compartments and an adjustable strap. Plus, I love the quirky little duckie chain :-)

the inside..

what did I sumbat inside?
1. make up bag
2. my wallet (been using it like 8 years now!)
3. comb
4. an oversized sunnies
5. dettol wet wipes
6. pocket tissues (it's a must, can't live without it!)
7. medicines (panadol acti-fast and some ubat gastrik)
8. umbrella (yes, we have crazy weather here!)
9. my instant coffee fix, Nescafe (hahahaha, unbelievable right?)
10. Protex hand sanitizer (I use this everytime I exited the public toilet)
11. sun block
12. women's second bestfriend: pantyliner. You never know when that bendera merah flags you!
13. little red coin purse (a gift from my former boss' wife. She bought me this during their trip to Taiwan. I love its Mandarin details)
14. pen & organizer
15. small pocket mirror (ha!)
16. Eclipse sugarfree mints
17. paper strip sprayed with  perfume - utk kasi wangi purse hehehe (my visit to Parkson G @ Wawasan Plaza always resulted in this!)
18. hair clip
19. house & office keys
20. hp charger
21. portable usb wire

....and where's my mobile phone? Not in the pic 'cause I took the post-mortem pics using my mobile.

what's inside the make-up bag..

1. MAC blusher (i'm a huge fan of MAC cosmetics!)
2. eyebrow kit
3. MAC compact power
4. some eyeshadow kit
5. Shiseido eyelash curler (I have  cucur atap eyelashes and this does magic!)
6. mascara
7. gel eyeliner kit
8. Vaseline lip balm
9. lipsticks, lip gloss & lip crayon (in various shades!)
10. lip brush
11. pencil eyeliner
12. mini blusher brush
13. a thumb drive (eh, I even campaked this inside the make-up bag? tsk..tsk..)
14. tweezer
15. a small scissor? (for what?!)
16. nail clipper
17. Garnier brightening eye roll-on
18. face blotter strips (for my shiny t-zone!)
19. a mini bottle of lotion

So, there you have it! Amazing what you can find in a woman's purse, right? That after I downsized mine..tsk..tsk..tsk..


  1. adada...complete ba make up bag dia! haha...at least if ada emergency yg u cannot go home and make urself look pretty, u have it all in the bag! ;D

  2. Manda, LOL! mmg complete punya hahahaha...gila kan? tu belum lagi sa sumbat mcm2. Ni pun kira2 maw kasi kurang lagi benda2 dlm tu. I tend to campak everything inside..haiiihhh..

  3. Tanak Wagu, hahahaha! mcm betul2 surgical equipments kan? :P

  4. ur bag looks small but mau tau apa2 pun buli masuk oh. thanks for doing the tag moi!

  5. lol..iya ba kan..kunun suda downsized tapi banyaaaak juga benda2 di dalam!

  6. Moi, BANYAK juga tu!! Hehehe...I thought sikit. I love this entry :)

  7. Lize,
    hehehehehe! sa ingat sikit, but when I selongkar, adussss..banyak juga!

  8. yes...mmg banyak ya barabg perlu d bwa g2...uhuhuhuhuh...mmg gurl la..

  9. huhuhuhuhuhuhuh.....ok la ba 2 bnyk senjata ne..

  10. whoooaaahh! that sure is alot of stuff in one bag! you really make use of your big bag kan moi? hehehhe..
    and i can totally relate to having nescafe 3 in 1 in the bag.. i do the same thing too! hahah..

  11. Dee,
    kekekeke! I'm a coffee bandit! My handbag ada nes 3 in 1, and they're everywhere in my desk (@ my office!)


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