Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hometown Glory

It's been sooo long since I last updated my dear bloggie with my picture. I mean, my own picture, preferably some recent, non-airbrushed nor photoshopped pics of yours truly.

If you ask me, did I get fat from my recent trip? No, I don't think so.  Last time when I checked my current stats at the clinic where I got treated for my sprained ankle: it was 47.6kgs. Lesser than the previous 51.3kgs.  In as much, I think I managed to control myself from indulging in gluttony, yunno, when in kampung, the glorious fete being offered to you by your over-indulging relatives is bound to torture your tastebuds! When you're watching your diet and weight like the proverbial hawk watching his preys, that can be a total killjoy! Anyhoo, I think I've succeeded a little because I just bought myself a pair 'daisy dukes' pants and I managed to squeeze myself inside it! What a real miracle! Gah, a little snug but better than nothing, no?  :P

To me dearest readers and followers, here are  pictures of my recent trip to my hometown in Ranau. Bunches of 'em are shots with my sisters, cousin and cutie pie niece :)

The majestic Mt. Kinabalu as my backdrop! :)

with my kid sister, cute as button niece and cousin
my sisters & niece. Ranau town sure is improving, cue: the sidewalk
yours truly & cousin

..that's all for now. Will upload the rest of the pics soon. :)


  1. aiseh,lama sudah c Aki tida pigi Ranau oh.. wonder,when will the time come again.. Mo balik kampung pun susah.. haha.. ^_^.v..

  2. It's been a while since my last visit to Ranau. Will pay it a visit soon! By the way, nice pixtors of you and your sis + couz.. ;-D

  3. Aki,
    bah..pigi la ba. bersih tu pekan tu, toilet pun suda upgraded hehehehe :P

    you should go. thanks for the compliment :)

  4. meow... its really been awhile since i last visted ranau, and yes its always hard to control our diet once we fall to the hand of our own family and relatives in hometown, haha.

  5. Daniel,
    indeed. I had to call out every god names in order for me not to succumb! LOL, it's a tough challenge but sometimes, my will power does astound me so :)


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