Monday, June 27, 2011

My Wish List!

Everyone is talking about i-Phones, i-Pads, or whatever 'Is' are there around but me? I'm not really into that kind of gadgetries.  I tell you why I wont.

#1 - I'm not a techie geek, totally blind when it comes to these matters

#2 - I use mobile phone for text-ing, make/receive calls, taking pictures, listening to music (I seldom surf the net via mobile phones,  what's the use anyway? My 8-5 office life is already on the net, at home - with my trusted Digi broadband. So, my life doesn't revolve around these super-smart technologies)

#3 - I don't need a super duper genius mobile phone to look cool with

#4 - I'm a pheasant, so the price of an i-Phone is totally out of my budget  :(

Having said that, I think I might need to retract the #4 reason. This after I saw these:

..and the COMING SOON

Now, these beauties got me wishing, got me writing, got me talking. They hooked me so, I'm a newly-converted barely-there-geek-rats.  I am so gonna get me one of those. One of these days, I truly hope!

I've fiddled away with the Xperia Arc and I loved what I saw. Took me almost 30 minutes, checking the thing out @ one of the outlet in 1Borneo the other day! I had to forcibly tore myself away from it because there were people behind me, wanting to look-see and the salesperson's eyes were kinda glassing over (I think he's silently stewing inside like "heiisshh, pigang lama-lama, maka bukan mau bili pun!" cousin snapped some pictures of me with the Xperia Arc and well, I just HAD TO BLUETOOHed them pics to my mobile :D

at 8.1 megapixel built-in camera, who needs the conventional digi-cam when you  can just whip out your mobile phone (and a super slim ones at that)  and shoot away?

Note to self: MUST BUY!


  1. Wahhh.. c Aki pun suka pakai eXPeria... ntah bila la dapat beli.. Haha..

  2. Aki, ya bah! the current price for Xperia arc is RM2099.00. Mahal dari laptop lagi!

    iya bah! I reallllllly want that!

  3. Xperia Arc is also in my "dream list" :) Great Smartphone.


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