Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Twisted my left ankle last week.

The said ankle is currently in a bandaged state.  I had to walk like Captain Barbossa with his wooden peg leg. My right leg has to bear my entire body weight, it's so troublesome.  Having said that, I still forced myself to masuk opis.  What a beautiful life, eh? NOT!

Adding to that, my headache is tormenting me too! Cold hands and feet but my body is heating up.  I think I am racking up a fever. It might has something to do with the current state of weather.  What with the hot and dry air and the next thing we know, it's raining till the next kingdom to come.

I think i'm gonna wrap up early and go home.  There's no point of staying in the office when you're a wreck.


  1. Wah.. double trouble tu.. Hm,yeah,get well soon.. ^_^.v..

  2. Aki,
    Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, i'm now on a medication. Still need to finish up the course, 1 whole strip of tablets. Meh..

  3. Hi Ennie. Ketinggalan betul sia ni cos lama nda blog. I hope you're feeling better now. *hugs*

  4. Jadi skrg,camana?? OK sudah??

  5. Lizee,
    yup. feeling better sikit2 la. However, kalau banyak berjln, the damn ankle starts to act up! Methinks, it will be a long long time before my heels bulih diguna lagi. hwwwwaaaaa!

    a bit la. Ok suda sikit. thanks for your concern. :)


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