Friday, September 9, 2011

100 Years Fashion/Style

We all love fashion. Who doesn't? Boho (or Hobo?), punk, sophisticated, sexy, goth, elegance, street fashion, quirky (I looooove quirky!), nerdy/geeky (love this too, sometimes!), chic and you name it! Which category are you? :)

Found this cool video on Youtube by an uploader, WestfieldStratford (through  It documented a dancing couple as they modeled clothes ranging from the year of 1911 to present in 100 seconds.  Take a look:

Very cool, right? I surely love to do some shopping between 1920s - 1970s! Must be a very fantabulous shopping experience! 

I especially heart this:

The quirky hat daintily perched on top of her crown, clean cut and neat tailoring skirt/blouse cinched with a brown skinny belt is oh so chic and tasteful! 

Watching this cool vid makes me want to do my own wardrobe overhaul! 


  1. Very cool video! I love every bit of it.

  2. I know, right? Pressed the replay button many, many times!


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