Friday, December 9, 2011

Holidays a-coming!

Hello, luvlies :)

Christmas is coming and I'm mighty pleased as punch!

Here's wishing you'll get a great holidays, which I am anxiously looking forward to. I don't have a tree to decorate this year as I am currently in the midst of moving to a new apartment. My cuzzie and I are finally getting a place of our own - a 3-bedrooms apartment. Yay!!

However, my local parish (back in my kampong ) is sure gonna be having a great time for the Christmas celebration.  My friend told me that there's going to be a Family Day (a day before Christmas) for the church members. I can foresee fun times and interesting stuffs already.

I'll be heading back to my kampong on Dec 23rd for the celebration.  Meanwhile, have a great and merry holidays ahead, folks!

Luv & XOXO



  1. Christmas is much more meaningful when celebrated with loved ones kan? Save journey nanti bila balik kampung :)

  2. Ya ba! It always is..
    p/s: love your Christmas deco :)


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