Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Red and Winged

Well, I'm not talking about some red eyes, furry and winged animals :)

I'm talking about eyeliner and lipstick here, sugah! I am a simple lady, at least when it comes to applying my war paints.  Most of the times, I only wear eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I prefer winged eyeliner (some might say, batt wings or catty or whatever terms those make-up gurus called it) and red lips. It always do the trick. It never fails to brighten your otherwise lackluster face! Might I add, it's a classic and chic look, as opposed to pop-it colors. Although, I have to say, a psychedelic ones is cool depending on the theme and situation :)

My favorite 'ammo' so far are:

1.  Maybelline eye palette in Hyper Diamonds GY-1 shade

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Passion Red R42
...and taaadaaa, these here are the results:

No, he's not my new squeeze. He's a mere colleague :)

All it needs is deft hands and, never forget a red lipstick. It's classic, chic and timeless :)



  1. simple but still good looking dear!i love simple make up=)

  2. the mantra: less is more :)

  3. i tried the technique you told me but my eye lid memang cant do without liquid liner la...powdery or pencil type will only make it worst...

  4. in that case, you better stick to liquid liner la moi..I used both all but I don't use pencil as much as liquid and eye shadow. How about gel?

  5. Yuhuuuu finally i found you hahaha...Yup 'Red' lipstick do make magic all the times hihi. Bah will follow and link you. Happy New year Ennie and have a wonderful one. Cheers

  6. Rose Flower,
    yeah, you did! Happy New Year to you too and btw, it was nice meeting you during our ladies blogger dinner at Little Italy. :)


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