Friday, February 3, 2012

Banana Leaf @ KK

Having worked in KL for quite some times with free access to abundant taste of Indian food, I was craving for some when I first returned to KK. I tried several Indian restaurants around the city but safe to say, I was still looking. Now, there are 3 places that I've been to so far. The Krishna Curry House, located at Grand Millennium Plaza somewhere in Jalan Lintas/Penampang. The second one is a Spice Garden (serves Northern Indian cuisines) located  at D'Junction (also in Jalan Lintas/Penampang)  and the third one is the K.Sanba's Curry Specials, located at Alam Mesra, KK (near 1Borneo Hypermall).

Now, because my office is about 5 minutes drive away from Alam Mesra, this place has been a regular hang-out for me and my colleague, Sonya. My verdicts: food is quite nice plus the owner is friendly. However, I have to warn you that prices are a bit expensive.  But, if you love Indian food, I think price is secondary :)

A-ha...line 'em up!

My comrade: Ms. Sonya

Side dishes: Deep fried fish, lamb tikka and bitter gourd :)

What a treat, no? :)

First thing first: the appetizer - Poppadom 

..and sirap limau 'ping'

Then tear a piece of that crispy treat and yuuummm!

Yoooowzeeerrr, all gone!
Yep, all gone! We paid RM43++  for this... well, that's to be expected. 

My advice: Never expect cheap Indian food in KK. 

On a side note ~ Krishna's is one of the popular Indian restaurant in KK and the food is quite good too. Spice Garden, a more upscale dining place and of course pricewise, much more expensive (and serves alcohol too). Serves a wide array of Northern Indian cuisines and yes, the food is good.


  1. I love Banana leaf rice. My fav is Raju's and nirwana's and di KK of course Krishna atau Jothy's hehe

  2. Krishna curry house one of ma fav when craving for indian cuisine. Ehhh lebih kurang juga bah sama Krishna punya harga kan di alam mesra tu.
    Well, we should have lunch together sometime di K Sanba's i never knew the place exist n never been there nasib ko share here. Ma working place pun dkt2 alam mesra juga hehehehe...

  3. Mimi, me too! But most of my colleagues/friends buruk muka ni klu sa bawa p makan indian food. Now, i've never been to jothy's. I think i'm going to check jothy's.

  4. I come here when I have the urge to eat Fish head curry. I love it, but for quite sometime now there's a Baba n Nyonya restaurant nextdoor that serves similar dishes.

  5. Update: The Spice Garden in D'Junction is no longer operating.


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