Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mabul Island Beckons!

Hi peeps,

News flash:  I will be heading to Mabul Island, Semporna from tomorrow until Sunday for a quick getaway with a couple of my girlfriends. News flash again, I'd be celebrating my birthday over yonder (My, that ladder keeps on towering, no?) which I believe is a rocking way to celebrate one's birthday.  A quick change of scenery and atmosphere are cool too, right? We'll be travelling backpacker style, it's cheaper and more hassle-free that way. I feel that if one is craving for excitement and a little adventure, why limit yourselves? We'll be staying at Mabul Backpackers, to which I believe, once you've clicked on the link, you'd be inclined to try out the similar experience! ;-)

Talking about hassle-free, weeks ago I FB-tagged a couple of my girlfriends:

LOL! Those are very funny conversations, right? Kekekekekeke..

 Mabul Island pictures teaser (linked to Sabah Tourism's Website)

Til next post..



  1. 1 of my travel wish list... Lucky u sudah mau sampai.... Have a blast holiday... :)

  2. Thankss girls..ini pun my wishlist juga ini..nasib kesampaian juga akhirnya.


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