Monday, February 13, 2012

That Semporna's Gem Called Mabul

I had the greatest times of my life during my visit to Mabul Island, Semporna! In fact, I would love to re-visit the island, again. Preferably, with a diving licence, to which I plan to obtain soon! What more can I say about the island? I believe my pictures will do the talking. So, folks, here goes.

Early morning flight from KK to Tawau, less than an hour journey
Tawau Airport

Semporna jetty: everything starts here..

Booked our accommodation at Sipadan.Com. Their office is located at the Tourism Center  at Semporna Jetty

Yep, that's me and my excitement, smiling on board the speed boat 

God, one of the gorgeous view along the journey to the island. Luckily, it was a clear and sunny day!

The steering guy..a very pleasant fella by the way..

The modest reception counter at the backpacker loghouse.  The staffs were friendly, polite but helpful. Coffee/tea making facilities included as well as drinking water.  So as fruits and do you see that bread box? Yes, it's free! The power/WiFi is switched on from 0600pm - 0700am 

Map of Mabul Island

I will upload more, soon. I promise :)


  1. Mabul is a gem, no doubt.

    But I've got terrible news about the killing of sharks in Mabul island, with pics uploaded on the net by an NGO. Not sure if you could confirm that since you visited Mabul recently.

  2. Nicely saturated blue sky and sea!

  3. Thanks for the compliment. Not too sure about that sharks killing but from what I saw recently during my visit, I didn't see any activities of the sort. To be fair, I do think that all the resorts/lodges operators in Mabul might be aware of the implications and damages done to the tourism industry there, should the alleged sharks killing are being carried out in rampage around the island.


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