Monday, June 18, 2012

Short To Shorter & The Nightshirt/Comfy Shirt

Well, I finally cut off my hair. My long hair was beginning to bankrupt me, what with a big bottle of shampoo and roughly two tubes of hair conditioner every month! Hair care is not cheap! Not counting the amount of time I spent just primping and preening! Besides, the crazy and hot weather keeps on grating on my nerves and my hair's constantly plastered on my neck. Shorter hair: easy peasy maintenance!

And, the other day, I went to Suria Sabah. F.O.S was having a warehouse sale. I saw this Chelsea FC jersey (Well, I'm a fan teeheee) and it was being sold at RM15 apiece. What a bargain because the original price was much more expensive, I think, it's over a hundred ringgit. Unfortunately, they only came in XL and L sizes. I said to myself, OK, it's cheap and it's big. What could I possibly do with it? Oh well, I'll just turn it into a nighshirt or a comfy shirt while 'lepaking' at home.

So, there you have it. Me with my newly shorn off locks and my Chelsea Comfy Shirt :)

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