Friday, June 29, 2012

Bargain Hunting

I love bargain hunting. I don't really emphasize on clothing/accessories brands. Be it designer brands or those found in flea markets, I love them all! Nowadays, I tend to buy clothes that can be worn without worrying whether in years to come, they'll be out of trends. I love simple cut and silhouette, simple yet chic, boho chic and yes, VINTAGE! I'm a huge fan of vintage fashion :)


Retro sunglasses from Vincci, RM23.00 

Sandals:  L-R, Bata RM20.00, Vincci RM24.90

Tunic dress with lace embroidery, RM35.00 (discounted price  @ 69.90)

Maxi dress by Cotton On, RM69.00

Lace dress with tassel sash & tulle hemline, RM65.00

Grey vest dress, RM25.90

What say you? Lovely bargains, yes? 



  1. moi lawa tu spec. Vincci punya spec mmg lawa2 tu moi. aku pun suka jg beli vincci spec terutamanya yg besar2...

    1. memang lawa! setiap kali sa masuk Padini, mesti sa cek tu bahagian aksesori. mda ketahanan ni meninguk apa yang baru!


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