Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NSFW: Shia La'Buff's Full Frontal Nude Experiment

Gone was the scruffy kid with explosive and unruly curls in the movie Holes, the kid from Disney's Even Stevens, the let-me-save-the-world Transformers hero and NOW, let's welcome the new Shia LaBouf. Shia LaBouf The Dancer, naked as jaybird.  He bares all in a new experimental dance film for an Icelandic indie band, called Sigur Ros. The band's piano instrumental called Fjogur Piano MV portrays Shia and another woman as locked up in tangled with violent, destructive addiction and dark desire relationships. Both actors went on full-frontal nude. Well, what can I say? From a woman's point of view, I think Shia and Daniel Radclife's West End, Equus are up for competition. Dang, I feel like a pervert!  Plus, Shia LaBouf is not exactly a shy, retiring type no?  After all, this MV is readily available on Youtube.

I'll leave you to it:

Not too shabby, eh?

P.S: Uh huhhhh...the video has been taken off by EMI. Sorry guys, you have to dig the internet for the video. You might try to YT Sigur Ros. Last time I checked, their official YT account does have this video. Good luck!

Oh, right, for only about several seconds, you'll get to see his weewee but it's not in HD..(Errr, am I still in pervert mood?) Tee hee..


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