Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bad Fashion vs Weird Fashion

..fashion victim, fashion slave, FUGLYSHIONISTA, etc..etc...

Look at that.... the misshapen rainbow concotion is highlighted by the equally wrongly match accessories. Oh look! is that a cat carcass being pinned on her skirt?!! Love the shoes, beads and bangles though.

WTF! Clearly Lil' Mama has a split personality. Blinding fabric and a pacifier? she should be put under house arrest for this. For crying out loud, it's VMA, not a theme party!

Uh huh... here goes Ms. Skinny & Winking Big Nippies! Posh Spice must be cringing looking at this pic now. There's nothing sexy about twigs with oversized boobs and winking nippies

If you really really wish to be incognito (or you're hiding from ah longs) by all means, this can be your 'wadrobe of the week".

Fancy a Cruella DeVille's ensamble? By golly, here's your muse!

J.H.C! should you experience a power supply failure, fear not for this dress is fully equipped with lighting bulbs...

Is this legal? Ouch..

Oh Britney, this is so.... *words failed me*

taking haute couture to the max? Yo Mama, a corpsy victorian with her accessory... a tiny man! in this case, since when lil' bit of human became part of accessories? Wonder where have all the Chihuahuas gone. Oh wait a minute, they all went to Paris Hilton!

Oh dear, awful hair and equally awful jumpsuit! Could someone please get Lil' Kim a coat?

Guess this is fine for  halloween and cosplay party!

Please save this poor guy from himself! Ok, the tee and bowler hat are kinda cool but please ditch the M&M hideous pants! What's the deal with that 90s pink wrist band and fanny pack?

Guys, pull your pants up! One word to describe: THIS IS HIGHLY UNATTRACTIVE!

this is what I call sexy! A stage full of brimming sexy testosterones! Mamma mia..... :-D


  1. Posh Spice has always been fugly...

  2. hahaha...Dan, she's one big fugshionista soccer mum!

  3. hmmm posh spice winking nippies. mmmmmm i wonder .... *slurp* *slurp*

  4. erm...i think from all those pictures...i choose 5pictures on the top of this blog...hahaha

    especially no 1 from left and right

  5. 5 pictures on TOP of this blog.. :P

    got it?

  6. wa..what,kaninaaa...weiee.....

  7. pagarabo hilo pononsiba.


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