Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yesterday's Anecdote

Yesterday was a crazy crazy crazy day! I didn’t even know if the term raining cats and dogs is appropriate. The way I see it, it’s raining elephants and mammoths! The freaky rain started at around 5.00 or 5.30pm yesterday. All I could see through my office window was a yawning blackness, unleashing thick torrential rain. I could hear the pelting sound of the rain beating down the thick glass wall. The results?

I had to endure standing up for about 3hrs straight at the taxi stand in front of my office building. My feet hurts, my back was killing me and I was damn chilled to the bone. I tried radio cab but none was willing to dispatch their cabs. Well, I don’t blame them. The rain was kinda like the rush of the Niagara Falls. Sheets of heavy rain decided to give the lower part of my body one cold shower after another. My toes felt numb and oh…what I'd give for the taste of big cup of hot coffee! 3 hrs later, I finally managed to get a cab. When I reached the LRT station in Kg. Baru, my god! It’s deserted and I was all alone. Great, just what I needed. Shivering and terrified…a bad way to end your day, indeed! The image of a lone man in a long, dark hooded trench coat brandishing a mean looking dagger, preying on unsuspecting females was actually making chaos in my mind. The train only emerged about 15 minutes later.

Upon reaching Universiti station, again, braving the rain, I decided to jog to the other side of the road. By the time I got there, I was dripping wet. Geez, might as well rub some shower cream to my body and shampoo my ratty hair! I reached home around 10.05pm! Ditching coffee, I opted for herbal tea, supposedly to soothe my frayed nerves. Gulped two tablets of Panadol and dived straight to my bed.

I woke up this morning with a heavy sense of the big capital L (that’s lazy) dreading the day ahead. I really really wanted to bury myself in the comfort of my bed and continue sleeping for, like, a zillion years? Yeah right, as if I have much choice. Hell, dragging my ass off the bed was a torture.

Now, an ideal way of spending my day in bed will be just like this :-)

Yep...wistful thinking, girl!


  1. :-P how i wish i'm that guy in the picture. hehe cuddle in the bed while outside drizzling. really set the mood for a few "round". hehe

  2. Yup! cuddling in bed in a lazy rainy day would be a swell...

  3. U sound Horny... and i think everyone wants to be the guy in that photo.... hahahha

  4. horny? well, horny is a good feeling. it means, you're still functioning, you're not dead to the world *LOL*

  5. wooohooooo.....

    right...right...that's realllllly rite...hahaha

  6. wait .... theres only 1 pair of legs! :0


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