Sunday, December 20, 2009

Missing Home

well, i've moved to my new place. finally. however much small is my new place, it's ok. i can handle it for several months more. in May or maybe before that, i'd probably be in KK!

i miss home and i'm not coming home for Christmas! so sad! what to do? air ticket is expensive, and my present problems need to be solved with money, money, money! after solving some of them, the outcome? no 'I'll be home for Christmas!"  what to do....there's always the next Christmas.  i'll definitely celebrate Christmas with my family next year! my big brother is flying back home this jealous of him!

in the meantime...i'm taking an afternoon nap now.  slept quite late last night.  been out with a friend, lepaking at mamak's. and yeah, Fullham defeated Man United, 2-0. surprised much? i've never been a fan of Man U.  don't shoot me..

Happy Christmas, world!


  1. uishh...ini paling sa tidak ngam sama ko ni...hahaha im a fan of u...but im a united fannnn warrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. manure? harharharhar..jan ko mara di situ ah :P


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