Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please laaa, we sabahans are not pekerja-pekerja asing di semenajung..

how long does it take before some of the orang semenajung realized that sabahans are malaysians too? that sabahans are not 'expats' in their own country? another millennium? another century? it's been nearly a decade since the dawn of the second millennium and they are still thinking that sabah is another neighbouring country across the south china sea!! tsk..tsk..tsk..

last week, i encountered this kind of ignorance, again! i was riding the cab and when i was about to pay for my fare, the cabbie asked whether i could show and give him sabah currency! WTF! i had to explain to mr. cabbie about Sabahans being malaysians too, and we're using the same currency as in Malaysian Ringgit! he was like: ahhh? i thought sabah is another country...(i don't think he's stupid, seeing that his manglish was kind of ok)

now how ignorant can you be?

please la...wake up! i'm sure these kind of people do read newspapers, watch the TV, listen to the  radio, and surf the net for information and whatnots and they're still assuming that sabah is a country??!! some semenanjung people also 'cocktailing' up the fact that kota kinabalu (KK) is the capital city of sarawak state and not in sabah!! take my colleagues for instance. i have to correct them from time to time that KK is in sabah, not in sarawak! they will ask me question like: bila lagi nak balik ke sarawak? wah..this after knowing that i'm from KK and the only sabahan  in my office. i damn tuuuuuuulan! don't tell me that they never heard of mt. kinabalu, sabah, the highest mountain in MALAYSIA and south east asia, or (one of the) world's best diving site is located in sipadan island, sabah,  MALAYSIA! don't even mention about mt. kinabalu via feratta (italian word for 'iron road' - the newest route for climbing mt. kinabalu) being awarded by Guinness World Records as the World's Highest Via Feratta! too much information for them to digest? i say, HAH!

in the meantime, it may take another century or millennium before the whole of the semenanjung people realized that, we, sabahans are not pekerja-pekerja asing di semenajung. well, no need to go back to school to study  geography la. everyone is talking about 1Malaysia concept these days..and we, sabahans are always lauded by certain ministers as the best example of 1Malaysia concept. as far as our ancestors (and new generations) concerned, we've been 1Malaysia since like forever!, ada faham ka??!


  1. dulu time masih disana ada kawan sya tanya "berapa lama sudah ko di malaysia ni?"...serius lagi tu dia tanya haha

  2. seriously i saw same entry like this twice today.. first @ my girl friend's blog @ here . And 2nd was u.. i dunno why this things happened. its happened to me as well before. maybe i look too "handsome" to be look like Malaysian... shite.. maybe they failed their geography exam.. by the way, can we exchange blog link? mine @ and i already added u on my fb friend's list. Thanks

  3. after so many years and still the same ignorance, i start to think that it isn't about ignorance anymore, it's more like being sarcastic or something.

  4. Freeviolence,
    i'm totally lost at words!

    people here always mistaking me of being a foreigner. derang bilang, macam orang dari indo china!! failed their geography is one thing but seriously, didn't they ever look at the malaysia's map even once??

    agreed. it's not ignorance anymore. maybe they're too lazy to find out the real fact! you said, sarcastic?

  5. Aj,
    sure why not. let's exchange our bloglink. btw, check your newest FB friends list :)

  6. Astaga! Bikin panas oh kan!? But most of my friends here really2 like Sabah and they do comment that whenever they go to KK, they always feel like they are in somewhere exotic and not "in the country".. Some even wished openly that they should marry Sabahan and make KK their permanent residential!

  7. pernah terjadi pada tahun 2003...

    i was a senior at ums... doing orientation for the new students..

    sa tanya sama satu urang pelajar baru ni... sa memang tau dia orang semenanjung tapi saja mo tau which part of semenanjung he was from kan...

    "where are you from?"

    dengan penuh yakin dia jawab

  8. aku dah 2 tahun dok KL.. tak pernah lak org buat camtuh kat aku.. ehehe..

    salam kenal dari ku si musafir kat tanah KL.. =)

  9. mimi, that's a big PLUS POINT! *wink wink*

    wonder will never cease!

    Jard the great,
    orang mana? thanks for visiting my blog yang tak seberapa ni :)


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