Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas & Avatar! well...,

yup, i'm that wayward soul during the Christmas Day. literally...

i didn't get to celebrate Christmas this year with my family. that's just so sad..well, never mind. i'll celebrate the next one with them. it's a promise, a definite promise to myself.

so, what did i do? i had a pre-christmas dinner and lunch with a couple of my good friends. christmas gifts, yeah. i got them too. my lovely bff, CT presented me with WINE giftbox!! boy, did i not love that..I DID :)

on the christmas day, myself and my bestfriend went to watch that much celebrated and talked movie of the year, AVATAR at Tanjong Golden Village cinema in KLCC. what can i say? the movie's superb. the creatures, the storyline, the plot, the casts, the cinematography and the CGI effects? it's fantastic, kinda blew my mind away! James Cameron is a one brilliant filmmaker! i think, his Titanic fell short of 50% behind his Avatar. 15 years in the making and well, the final outcome is just MAGNIFIQUE!

even my bestfriend (she is not a fan of fantasy and sci-fi movies) was awed and caught under the spell. well, sort of..

me..? oh yes, i'm a fan. she dislikes Transformers, i love it. she hates Star Wars, i love it. she hates all the combat movies in general. me, i like all type of movies..

meanwhile, merry christmas and happy new year 2010 ya 'll.

p/s:  i ain't no lesbian but hell, Michelle Rodriguez is one hot, kick-ass chick!

signing off now...


  1. merry christmas ... i think its not too late for me to wish you this... i think i'm more prefer zombieland for the storyline but fx, avatar won it...

  2. thanks AJ. happy new year 2010 to you. zombieland? watched the trailer, looks funny. mebbe i'll go buy the dvd


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