Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remembering December As...(The Worst Month For Me In The Year of 2009)

warning: foul languages ahead!

YES! it definitely is!

 a lot of unpleasant things happened to me this month.  Christmas seems to be overshadowed by these personal things. in fact, i don't feel any joy at all. it's end of the year, people normally feel giddy and jubilant celebrating the approaching christmas and new year but it's the other way round for me.  i'm not in the festive mood! what mood i am now is i really want to 'cangak' someone who is so deceitful and bermuka2.  he really is a numero uno moron in my life existence now! his words are totally bullshit and full of lies. keeps on running around the bushes, pitching me and my friend against each other, changing his tune every time we demanded answers from this bas-turd. in short, he's the landlord from hell! he's the lucifer of landlords! he said he will have to deduct the stamping fee for the tenancy agreement from our rental deposit. bullshit, what agreement is he talking about? we never saw nor received the agreement at all. we've been demanding for a copy of the tenancy agreement since the first month we moved in and his answer was, "haven't got the time to proceed with the agreement. i'm busy" EVERYTIME! the last time we asked this pariah, we were shocked when he said, he'd given us the copy of the tenancy agreement! fucking lier, we didn't received any! and now, he had the nerve to say, i have to deduct the stamping fee from your rental deposit?!! fucking moron. you are one big fat ugly disillusions old and bitter bachelor.  no wonder you're still living with your mother even though you're greying! fucking pariah!

i know, it's really unbecoming for a woman to swear but i'm so mad right now. he toad-ally ruined my December. i will always remember Dec 2009 as one of the worst incidents in my life!


  1. I know it's such a bitch to be dealing with crazy landlords. I have my fair share of this last year.. Mine even involved the agent. Macam mau squeeze orang punya duit ni.. Luckily I have all the paperworks filed.

  2. well, this is my second hellish experience concerning crazy landlords. the first one was a lady. she was i think beyond eccentric. i helped her taking up the letters from the mailbox and put it on the dining table (me trying to be a mindful housemate) and next thing i knew, she threw my shoes all over the house! some in the kitchen & living room!! i sms-ed her if i did anything wrong, we cld discuss it like adults cause i'm not a person who throws tantrums like a spoiled kid. she never replied my smses. i waited and waited for her like two weeks, she never did. well, in the end, i just packed up and left!


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