Friday, May 7, 2010

Bidding Adieu...

Yesterday, my boss and colleagues threw a farewell party for me.  Well, as of now, I am officially on leave for the remaining of three working days. I had a mixed feelings but above all, I'm just feeling relieve that my affair here is finally wrapped up.  Oh, I shall be back but it'll be as a mere visitor. Come to think of it, I am a visitor here. Albeit, my visit here had extended to 6 long years...that's a long visit for sure..

Back to the farewell party. I was sad but of course, I didn't shed any tears. I even cracked a joke or two where everyone laughed obligingly. Hah, I think I do posses a comedian's soul hidden somewhere on my person :) Well, my boss is sure having a heavy heart to let me go but he told me that he's happy for me. Whereas someone pointed out that I must be so happy to be able to go back to my hometown.  My reply to that person was: no matter how happy we are in one place, everyone's hometown is still the best place in this whole wide world. I am sad leaving you guys, but I am happy. Real happy.  Saying goodbye is not the end of everything, it's a new beginning of a new journey in life.

I didn't really make speech. I kept my words  brief and simple. I thanked everyone for being my helpful colleagues and apologized for any wrongdoings. Hmmm...never knew I'd be receiving several gifts. They must really enjoyed having me as their colleague :)


the cards..

what they have written..

my boss' and his wife goodbye card..very cute picture

a cute little bear from my good friend, CT

an 18k Selberan white gold bracelet from my boss..yes, seriously!

an oversized bag from one of the management staff.. I love the bag :)

a parker pen from from my colleagues..
which I joked to them: thanks. A signing pen, what i need now is a cheque book. And they all laughed :)

two sets of kain batik.. one is from another good friend of mine. the one on top, i don't really know who gave me that..

the gifts..

hmmm..they're lovely...

Adieu KL.. I'll definitely come and visit you. It has been fun, but now it's time to return to my roots..


  1. Wahhh so generous your boss oh. But then again, you have been a good employee for him so he ought to give you something nice :)

    and i like the kain batik punya pattern. cantik.

    welcome home!!!

  2. That was sweet :)

    Isn't it exciting? A new start, a new job, new colleagues..Happy for you :)

  3. girls, yes..a good start and i have to say a pleasant goodbye party, i mean the gifts :P

    ahem! my colleagues informed me that my boss had been throwing praises for me around :P


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