Monday, May 24, 2010

I Am A Busy Bee...

Yes, Zee Avi's Honey Bee is always buzzing in my mind lately. Only thing is, I need to change the lyrics to 'I Am a busy bee!"  The truth is, I hardly have the time to update my FB status, let alone my bloggie.  Bloggie has been neglected badly. My days start literally at 5.30am in the morning and end roughly around 7.30pm, five days a week (well, I'm talking about my working life here). Why do I need to start my day at 5.30am? I'll tell you why.  I work quite a distance from my current place and I have to ride two buses everyday to work.  Coupled with a very 'traditional and particular' boss, well he wants the staffs 'parked' themselves in the office by 7.30am (normal working hour starts at 8.00am and ends at 5.00pm. In my case, until he leaves the office!)

Workwise, I don't have any problem with that. I can handle the pressure. However, I do have problems with the late 'clocking out'  thingy. Of course, there are buses but waiting in the dark alone at the bus stand is extremely unsettling!  Well, if you're in KL, 7.30pm will still be considered as 'daylight' whereas down here in EM, 6.00pm is already dark outside!

My main goal now? LEARN HOW TO DRIVE! I really need to get myself a car. In the mean time, I need to find another place to stay, possibly in the heart of the city itself. However, for now, I'd be still staying in Luyang, the food haven of the city.

Hmmm...I need to unwind. Gonna go watch the 3D version of the new Shrek movie this Wednesday at GSC, Suria Sabah. Wondering what's in store for Mr. Donkey and Capt. Puss In Boots.  Hilarious pair, them. :)


  1. Tidak sempat la jumpa ko ni moi.. I'm going back to KL already on Wednesday.. I may come back soon and maybe we can meet up during a weekend or something ya!?

  2. ya bah Mi.. time si Dan kawin pun sa nda dpt pigi. Ngam2 my mum kena pigi hospital bah that. so, I had to send her to the hospital. Nothing so serious but as my other siblings had commitments on weekend, so the duty fell on my shoulder. not that i'm complaining. she's my mum so, taking care of her is not a job, it's a privilege :)

    wah, sayang oh nda dapat jumpa ko ni. when will you balik kampung again? yes, we can meet up during weekend. that would be lovely :)

    this weekend sa kana pulang Ranau tmpt my grandma. Ada annual family gathering. Besides that, we'll also be having memorial day for the deceased family members.

  3. Hi mandak..finally in KK huh? 6.00 pm is quite late suda tu kan..Hope things work out well :)

  4. hi lizee, yes, I'M BACK! hehehe. ya bah, it's quite late suda tapi terpaksa la :(

  5. word... just catch ya blog 'ere... well, reading ya story... guess better for ya ta drive... matter of fact, you're 30, girl...


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