Sunday, May 9, 2010

You got what I mean or not, you know what I mean?

Call me whatever names you can find in your vocabularies but these two words:

i. you got what I mean or not..?
ii. you know what I mean..?

Gosh, I've got you the first time, you fool. If I didn't get it, I will ask questions! My IQ may not be of Einstein's but I am not some nincompoops!

I'm allergic to those words.  Oh, I don't have problem with it, that's it - if you use  them sparingly. However, if you end your every sentence with 'you know what I mean or not? you got what I mean or not?' God, you'll get on my nerves and I think, if I'm a gunslinger - by the time you're finished with your 50 sentences with those words, you'd be probably six feet under!

Why do I have such strong aversion of those words?  I'll tell you why..

I have an unfortunate luck of being neighbours with a guy who has the tendency of ending his every sentence with those words.  In short, he's an insufferable bore! Besides those two familiar taglines, he will aim straight for the kill: Have you use credit cards before?  I know, it's so unkind of me but let me tell you. This guy works as a sales manager, specializing in credit cards.  He knows that I don't use credit cards anymore and  I am not interested in obtaining a new one. Every time we bump into each other in the lift, in the cafe downstairs of our condo complex or by the swimming pool (I like lepaking by the pool while surfing the net) he will ask me that. Every time! Is he suffering from short term memory loss or what? Then he'll continue his ramblings with the usual: ah, girl, you got what I mean or not? You know what I mean or not? I felt like wanting to stuff my heels or whatever footwear I'm wearing inside his mouth! 

Whenever he strikes some conversations with me, I'll put my thick icy responses. So awfully thick that you could practically slice it off with a knife! Wonder never cease, I don't know if he has such a thick skull but he'll kill you with his life stories, over and over again. The other day, he asked how to open an FB account or how to open Youtube! Would you believe that? He said he hadn't checked his email account for 6 long years! Are you kidding me? He works in sales for god's sake! I couldn't stand any longer and told him off:

"I'm sorry for being rude but would you mind? I'm not in the mood for conversations right now. I appreciate it if you give me some time alone and right now, I really like to be ALONE, thank you!"

That really put him in brakes, I tell you! 

So jahat of me kan? I've got no choice. I'm a girl who has a mind of her own. I believe in speaking out my mind. Which I think, some guys might find it real intimidating! I don't know how to be coy. I don't believe in getting things I desire through feminine wiles.  Not that I'm a girly girl you see :) You'll get it as good as it gets..

Rest assured, I do believe in compromising. After all, you're not always right. Some days, you'll also be in the wrong side of things. So, count on your blessings and know how to retreat. I mean,  ahem, retreat with grace :P 

For now, no "You got what I meant or not? You know what I mean or not?" guys for me..


  1. Hahahaha. I'm wondering why you have yet to shove your shoes into his mouth already with such patronizing remarks like that.

    By the time I reached the part where you tell him off I was practically saying 'way to go!' out loud XD

  2. I get what you mean mandak hehehe...
    Susa jg kalau nda paham2 kan

  3. gladys,
    iya bah kan..kalau sikit2 dia tecakap tu perkataan, sa nda kisah. tapi ini..aduiii..

    Lizee, tu la tu. suda la sa buat muka acuh tak acuh, masih lagi dia nda paham2.

  4. Way to go!
    No, that's not rude moi.
    Someone's need to be told off bah kalau melampau2 sdh.

  5. tu la tu carol. sa mmg nda suka jiran tu bah. quite patronizing, suka lagi menunjuk2. malas sa klu urang cam tu..mcm la sa kisah sangat pasal life stories dia d london..isshh


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